My first time volunteering (sad)

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I am typing this choking back tears. Hubby and I volunteered to drive 2 hours to pick up 2 6-week old boxer puppies....covered in sarcoptic mange. We were so excited about being able to volunteer and make a difference......What a shock as we picked them up....they are pitiful....missing over half over their hair and the stench is enough to make you gag....Mind you this is the first impression as they were given to us in a crate....have not fully seen them yet...Until now...Get them home as we are holding them for 4 hours....and I decide to get them outside to feed them and give them some water...OMG....I have cried ever since!! They are covered in what looks like huge chunky dandruff....and the little one...her whole skeleton is completely visible, she can barely even walk ....I got out the urine/feces soaked towel that was in there and got out some sheets and towels of my own so they would have something warm/dry to lay on....I don't know what else to do....Part of me wants to bathe them before their foster mom picks them up, but its too cold here and i think they would freeze....The good part is they completely devoured a bowl of chicken and rice and drank probably 4 cups of water...I feel so bad, this is the side of rescue I was not ready for...I am so heartbroken right now....HOW could anyone let their animals get to this point??
Just had to share.....
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HOW could anyone let their animals get to this point??

This is why we do resue/volunteering. It is very difficult to understand this side. I would feed the pups, bath the pups, love the pups. Maybe call your vet to see if there is anything else you can do for their skin. They are going to a better place & will find their forever home and YOU are helping them!!!

Applaud for doing your part!!!!!



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Congratulations for stepping up to the plate and taking care of these pups. Rescue can be very mentally draining, keep your chin up. My hat is off to you for helping out, it's truely needed. On a side note, sarcoptic mange is contagious, even to humans. Be sure to keep your animals away from the pups and take proper precautions for yourself.


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I know....I sucks, but it's soooooo worth it.

These guys have a chance because of you. Please don't let this turn you off from future volunteer work. These types of things are not real common. You'd be unlucky to every see anything this bad again.

I've done tons of transports and have had only one bad one (where I was really unhappy with where they had to be dropped off). We were the last leg.

All of the other transports have been very sweet dogs and cats that we've cuddled with along the way.

Good luck and THANKS AGAIN,



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You must know how awesome you are to be strong enough to do this. Those pups will have a life because of you and your efforts...I'm clapping for you now!!!!


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angelicon You are an angel...really! How very selfless of you to go out of your way to help these little babies...even if they cannot say so deep inside they will always remember a kind hand or a gentle touch. I am very humbled to "know" a person like you. I volunteer as a dog walker with my 11 yr old at the local humane society but have not yet had the courage to bring home any of these poor animals. You make me feel like being a better person.

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Thank you for sharing- you ARE doing a great thing!! Hopefully those little babies will end up in great hands.... I can not wait to help transport...I only pray it is a "good situation"....your heart must have broke....:(


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How are they doing now? Hope you are feeling better as times goes by...again you've done great thing.

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You are so sweet to take in these poor babies. They had no choice in the circumstances of their birth or treatment. God bless you for helping to nurture these tiny little living creatures back to health. All life is precious. The older I get, the more I realize that. Please keep us updated on how these little ones are doing.
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