Kodak Moment

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I wish I woulda had the video camera out last night when DH was bathing the dogs. I almost wet myself laughing! Abbi was first in the tub and I was keeping Hayden occupied so he didn’t antagonize her while she was getting bathed. He got tired of mom's antics so he started walking down the hallway to the bathroom while I was still in the living room. So I whistled and told him to come. Well, I think Abbi thought it was for her too because she jumped out of the tub, soapy body and all, and came running into the living room. I was instantly dying from laughter when I saw her; she was like a nekkid, soapy little kid that had escaped from the bathtub! DH comes running down the hall after her and he's soaking wet from trying to keep her in the tub. We were both laughing at her, making Abbi think that it was a game so she starts playing stay away from mom & dad. She was all slippery and beaning everywhere so it took a few tries to pick her up to put her back in the tub but DH was finally able to and finish her bath. He had to dry himself off after all of that craziness!

Life is never dull in a home with two boxers!! foolicon


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OH that would have been a priceless video. They are so slippery when beaning anyway I can't imagine when soapy. That is why I always shut the bathroom door while bathing, my little Cody is not a trustworthy guy, however very cute and sweet.


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Silly girl! They never want to miss out when they think something better might be happening elsewhere!


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bath time

Sound so funny in your house that night if you had a camera or video to hand nothing would of happend,seeing that you did not have one it was full of laughter. always the same
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