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Juno lost her battle today. My heart hurts but I'm glad her body is well again.

Love you forever best girlie.

Juno CGC 3/31/09 - 12/17/16


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Oh no !! I'm so so sorry for your loss , I'm sure it brings you some comfort knowing that her body is well again .
Godspeed sweet Juno , look down on your family and give them strength!!


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Juno had an awesome life with you. Other dogs should be so lucky. Still, the hardest part of having a dog.... letting go :(
Sorry for your loss.
Run free baby girl loveicon


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Oh no! I am so sorry! Hugs to you and your family.hugicon
Godspeed sweet girl! Run free at the Rainbow bridge!


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So very sorry. May good memories help fill the hole in your heart. Godspeed Juno angelicon


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I am so sorry to read this. I hope the good memories will soon bring you smiles instead of tears. RIP Sweet Juno!


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sadicon I am very sorry to hear about Juno's passing. Huge hugs to you and your family. I understand how hard it is. I wish these beautiful boxers can live to 100. Rest in Peace Juno.angelicon

joeys mom

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I am so sorry.....you did everything you possibly could!!!! long live the memories and love your sweet girl has imprinted on you heart hugicon
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