J.C. at the bridge....

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I was so sorry to hear about JC going to the Bridge so suddenly,my condolences to you Gary and your family:(
He would have had a wonderfully happy life with you,because you loved him.


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Gary, I was so surprised to read your post about J.C. I am so sorry for the huge loss that was so unexpectedangelicon
In time your memories of J.C. will warm your heart where he will be forvever



Boxer Insane
i am so sorry to hear this! JC was very lucky to have you love for the last 5 years :( and you will never stop missing him but the happy memories will start to replace the grief. godspeed jc


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J.C & Gary

Oh Gary,
I'm so sorry for your loss of J.C. , I haven't been on here in a while & I was just crushed when I saw this! Sending prayers for you & your family!
Run Wild & Free J.C. you touched so many people while while you were here!

Abby Angel

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Gary please accept my condolences on the passing of J.C. I know how hard this is on you and anyone that has been through this experience can feel your pain. Your sweet boy is no longer in any pain..now you are. J.C. was so very lucky to have you as his daddy to take such good loving care of him. He may not be with you but his memories will never fade. My heart felt sympathy.

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12/16/08 bridge *my heart still has hole*

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DOB 12/21/08
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