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Rocco's Mom

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So after losing our boy Rocco in December, I just cannot stand the empty heart and lonely house. With that said, we have a new puppy entering our hearts in April. Today I saw the name "Nero" and it has stuck with me all day. What do you all think of the name? It has a bunch of meanings, dark, black, vigorous and strong. It is also the name of a much disliked Roman emperor. I know it's just a name but it is a name of our future family member. Does the Roman Emperor part make it a bad name? He is a reverse brindle with just a white stripe between his eyes


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Well Fabian was a Roman general without any baggage but the name is what ever you and your family make of it. Julius Caesar was another and so was Marc Antony. If you used Marc Antony(Anthony) you could always add a Cleopatra later.


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Most people nowadays don't pay that much attention to Roman history, so I wouldn't worry about that. If you like the name and you think it fits your new baby, name him Nero. Besides when he hits that teenager stage around 7 months you will think it is totally appropriate! lol