How many tennis balls do YOU own??

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Boxer Insane
We have lots of balls but one giant tennis ball the regular ones get eaten. My boys like the orange plastic ones I think they are ball hockey balls. there are probably lots in the field beside our house once in a while Foreman will come out of there with a gross one that has been there for a year or so.


Completely Boxer Crazy
3 tennis balls
2 squeaky toys
2 rope pulls
4 stuffed animals
old socks tied together (to many to count)


LOL-I converted from tennis balls to racquetballs years ago after angel Kiddo found it a challenge to strip the fuzz off tennis balls. Right now we have 2 racquet balls,a child size soccer ball and a load of squeaky toys.


Super Boxer
We no longer have any tennis balls. ABBY discovered a way to peel or skin them. And I, was getting tired of having to pick up all of the little pieces shredded cloth and fuzz. We do, however, have any other type of ball around here that you might want.

My Boxer

Boxer Insane
Too many to count. I think they are multiplying under the couch or where ever they hide them. But say the word ball, and they run and find one. I also find them all over when I clean. It makes me laugh when I find their hiding places.


Super Boxer
I think we are up to 15. Splash likes to think he can carry 3 at a time. Thank goodness my AUnt is an avid tennis player, so she hooks us up with the balls after she is done with them.


Boxer Buddy
yeah Rev has about 8 of them and I have never bought a single one he steals them from the school behind our apartment

Shirley Jo

Super Boxer
Ummm is that the ones that we can put our hands on or can we include the ones that we know are here but Moe has them hidden? He always seems to come up with some that we thought were gone forever...


Boxer Insane
80+ :LOL: Seriously I do. I was taking tennis lessons during the summertime, and I ordered 80 tennis balls on e-bay. I let Tre play with them a couple of times... He thought he was in HEAVEN! He didn't know which ball to chase! :LOL: I have to take a photo of him one day with all the tennis balls!
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