How many tennis balls do YOU own??

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OMG!! DH was helping Barkley through her toy box, looking for something that she could play with b/c Jordan stole her toy. Because there were so many, he got curious and started to count tennis balls. We have SEVENTEEN of them!!! What in the heck??!!!?? The funniest part of that is, though, neither DH nor I remembers ever actually buying any...not one! Barkley has a habit of picking them up from other people's yards, but come on...seventeen??!! Very funny!!


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I was goin through diesels toy basket and here's his list of toys:

2 regular tennis balls
squeeky tennis ball (his fav ball)
green squeeky ball
red/white fuzzy squeeky ball
3 tug of war ropes
Moo-ing cow
glow in the dark football
1/2 a rawhide bone
my spare car keys that have been missing for months .......
a stuffed toy shredded past the point of knowing what it was
my fiance's lace bra that disappeared.....


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I don't even want to count. We have some giant ones. normal size ones, and even some little bitty ones from when they were puppies. Some used to squeak but they (the tennis balls) are all dead now :(

We buy new ones and toss the grossest old ones out. They get lost under beds, especially under the rocking recliner in the living room and that drives them nuts.


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Elsa has just discovered the joy of running after a my delightment! I've never had a dog who liked to chase balls, until her. She already has one pink bouncy ball, one normal tennis ball, one pink tennis ball, and a green spongy ball. She recently discovered squeaky toys too! amazing...(except at 3 in the morning , when it scares you sh*tless) =)


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We have

6 tennis balls

2 pull ropes

1 canvas man

assorted socks tied together

several stuffies

a canvas frisbee
My older son plays tennis so everytime I see one laying around I just throw it in the dog toy bucket. There's like 20 in there now but the problem is my dogs never play with any type of ball. :rolleyes:


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Too many to even count! They're everywhere... Under the coutch, in the toy basked, under the bed, IN bed... You name the place, I could probably find one there LoL.


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Please do not go there!!!!!!!!
Up until last year we lived behind a tennis club and everytime Lisa would go out side she would pick up another one.
A couple of times people would shout over for us to throw them back but most of the time they didn´t bother. Maybe because the majority of them were thrown back covered in slopper.
There are too many to count but Lisa seems to know where she can find one at any given moment. My son has a bag full of tennis balls and Lisa knows where this bag is!!!!!!!!!!!!
So if she comes along with a nice clean one we know that she has been in the bag.


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In order for me to count them I would have to go walk all over the yard, look under the dresser and the bed, oh and the kids tell me there are a bunch under the stove! The numbers are staggering though, no doubt! :) I would love to know how they actually puncture and chew up tennis balls. I have to throw them away periodically b/c Max can chew them to oblivion!


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We have loads of tennis balls strewn around our house. Last time I counted i think it was around 15. Sprout loves them so much lol
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