Help Please At wits End with my boxer

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Ok so We have a 3 year old boxer. She is great with our son. I've never seen a dog this good with kids. She just lays there and takes anything our son dose to her. Hell i've cought him riding her once she didn't care.

But she has a problem with peeing and pooping in the house. we can't leave her alone at all. not even in our small bathroom with out her making a mess. I had her outside this morning for like 2 hours. I let her in the house and not even 10 mins later she pees in the kitchen. I'm standing there watching her.

I've tried treats, rubbing her nose in it. Leaving her outside, Retraining her, i train my min pin with a shot collar, she like it. She sits down and starts kicking and wagging her nub when you buzz her. I want to try crate training but my boyfriend doesn't like the idea. My min pin loves his crate. I don't know what else to do. But this can't keep going on like this its not good for our son to live like this. I have to bleach my floors once a week sometimes more to keep them clean. thank god i don't have carpets in my house. or she would already be gone.

Please help me. It would break my boyfriends heart if we have to get rid of his dog. My son would miss her alot to.


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I will not pretend to have all the answers but I can say that using shock treatment is not tolerated here. Rubbing the pets nose in it will not help either.

What I had been when we brought our boxer home at 8 months and she was constantly using the inside of the house as an elimination is to take her outside when she wakes up immediately after she eats and before bedtime. Layla also had to and still does go outside at least once during the night.

When your dog does potty outside you need to tell the dog in a high voice how good they are and give a favorite treat. Look into crate training when you or your boyfriend are not going to be home. When you are at home you should have your dog on a leash and tethered to you so you will be better able to catch the signs of an episode and turn it into something positive by going outside.

Just keep in mind during this training the dog is not doing this to make you mad.


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Ditch the boyfriend and use the crate. Just kidding.

Crate training is the best way to house break. We did the whole tether thing with our boy eight years ago while he was out of the crate but with a young child I cant see you being able to do that.

Why is he oppossed to crate training especially if it worked with your min pin? It does not have to be a permanent thing. Just until housebreaking is successful. But you have to be consistent and dont stop too soon because he does not want you to do it or you will fail again and then he will think that crate training does not work.

I wish you luck.

And I agree with previous posters. Negative training does not work. It creates a fearful and insecure dog. And if you read the rules of posting you are not allowed to discuss shock collars. It will get you kicked out of the community.


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Crate training (when used appropriately) is much more humane than rubbing her nose in poop or shocking her (seriously think about that for a second). And for the shock collar to even work you would literally need to shock her as she was eliminating. As they only associate punishment with the behavior if its simultaneously... if you punish even a couple second later its totally useless because they don't connect the dots. And even if your timing was on all she would learn is it's not safe to eliminate when your around and she would hold it until your not watching. The shock would do nothing to actually TEACH her WHERE go (which is the actual goal right?). And I can promise she doesn't like to be shocked. That's ridiculous. Dogs wag for many reasons. Sounds to me its more likely she is afraid of what's happening and she is giving you appeasement body language because she is scared. I suggest you start treating her like a puppy. Used a tether/ leash and crate to keep her in your sight at all times. Give her NO free roam until you have her reliably trained. If she starts to go in the house startle her with a noise (clap, a sharp "NO") and lead her outside. Every day take her out numerous times (try to get on a regular schedule (1st thing in AM when she wakes, after naps, after meals, before bedtime, etc.). Bring yummy treats outside and when she goes, just as she is finishing (not before or during because you don't want to interrupt) tell her "good girl" give a treat (tiny piece of cheese, bits of cut up hot dogs, etc). Please read more about humane/ positive methods of potty training an adult dog. There is TONS of info out there. I do boxer rescue and I have never had an adopter that couldn't get their dog potty trained. Its just a matter of putting in the effort! Good luck.
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