Help naming a non-Boxer dog


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I have always loved this site, although haven't been back in a while due to life just getting so busy. Anyway, our Boxer boy passed back in July. I was far more devastated then I thought I would be (he was our first dog). We had planned on waiting another year and half or so to get another dog but that didn't work out and we will be adopting a dog any day now once he's ready to come home. Neither myself, my husband, or our daughters were ready to have another boxer in our lives. Although I can't imagine having a better dog then the boy we had, every boxer we see just breaks our hearts still. But on to happier news the new boy we will be getting, I'm not exactly sure what he is but as usual I couldn't resist his wrinkly face and fell in love with his picture and just knew he'd be ours and loved him even more once meeting him at the shelter. We can't for the life of us come up with a name for him though, so I started looking on here for names and finally just decided to post and ask for help, so I hope no one minds he's not a boxer! We don't really even have any ideas, just coming up blank and it's really frustrating! Anyway here he is...image.jpg


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A handsome looking boy! He looks like he could be a Sharpei Lab cross. What colour is his tongue? If it is back he could definitely be part Sharpei. I am really bad thinking up names. What kind of names do you like> What are your interests?

I will think on it. :)


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I agree he looks part Shar Pei. I would probably go with Crease or the Chinese word for crease, Zhou.


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What a beautiful puppy! Thank you for rescuing him from the shelter. He definitely needs a manly name. I like Zeus or Thor.


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Woodrow, he looks like a serious dignified fellow so he needs a serious name. Of course you could allways shorten it to Woody.


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Oh, he has a great face! Handsome guy... He kind of looks like a George to me - a solid name.


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Thanks for all the replies so far!! Keep them coming!

I agree I think he definitely needs some sort of tough manly name and he's probably going to be a big boy! His tongue is pink. They think he is some sort of mastiff mix but who knows. I would love to find out at some point though. We are into racing and American football but haven't found a way to incorporate anything related into his name. We did come across a name that we all loved but it was a family members dogs name who passed so we had to scratch that.


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Fab Dog !! Very regal looking ..
Looks like a Prince , Sidney, Fred Or Dino to me ..