Boxer Pal
Hi, I'm Diane and I've actually been a member since 2010, but I've never posted. I recently changed by e-mail contact so I am reintroducing myself.

I have a 14-year old Boxer, Lily, and a 10-year old Pit Bull, Daisy. I call them my little old ladies.

Lily had a MCT on her neck several years ago that was removed and has had pretty good health overall. But earlier this year she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and Saturday they diagnosed another MCT on her lower lip.

Daisy, poor thing, is a prime example of bad conformation and as a result has terrible arthritis in a majority of her joints. She is on pain management, but it's causing symptoms of Cushings.

It's been helpful to read what everyone else is doing (or not doing) for their dogs.



Completely Boxer Crazy
Welcome from Georgia! My boxer is also a senior, just diagnosed with arthritis of a front shoulder. He's on Metacam to help his soreness, which is helping, for now. Have you tried Adequan injections? My vet said that would be the next step when he gets worse.


Boxer Pal

Thanks Brodieboxer. Unfortunately my girl is sensitive to a lot of meds. We're keeping her comfortable, and when she decides it's time, we'll let her go.


Boxer Pal
On Saturday I had to put my Lily down. The MCT on her lip had moved into her mouth and she was no longer able to eat. I posted my goodbye in the Rainbow Bridge.