Hello again.


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I have not been on Boxer World for quite awhile. My girl Ms. Ali is now 11 years old and doing very well. I now have three adorable grand daughers 4, 2 and 22 months and Ms. Ali adores them.

Mom to Ms. Alli Flashy Fawn Boxer born 2004; RIP Bailey (mini poodle 2002-2014) RIP Abby 2004-2015 (Sheppard Lab Mix Blind rescued and blind from age 6 months)


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Welcome back! Ali looks like she is doing great! A lovely grey faced boxer! :)


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Well welcome back,glad to see all is good.glad to have you back.unfortunately I am at work and I can't see the pic you shared.


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Thanks everyone. Yes, Ms. Ali is so beautifl in her old age. The pic I posted was taken last Canada Day July 1, 2014. We are so lucky to have her in our lives for so long. She is a little bit deaf and has a few lumps and bumps but her last check up vet said she is doing well for her age.