Goodbye Bailey

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My boy,

I still remember the day I first saw you, about 4 weeks old and so tiny - I went to see you at the breeders and you sat on my knee, it was love at first sight with that gorgeous squishy face.

I remember the day I picked you up and the journey home, even getting you back and you found the warm spot under the bed. Within a few days you realised that sleeping on my head made you warm too lol.

Over the years you were my best friend, I had some very difficult times in my life and you never left my side. You were either snuggling with me in bed or making me laugh by kidney beaning around the room. You were my reason for being.

Nearly 8 years on and you are now with the angels. I hope you look down on me and know how much I cared for you - my beautiful bouncing boy.

I will love you forever and always, my first ever dog, the one to get me over my fears, the one that gave me purpose.

I'll miss you Bailey. R.I.P



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I am so sorry for your loss. Run free at the bridge Bailey. Godspeed!


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I'm so sorry for your loss. These beautiful babies sure do wiggle our way into our hearts. Hoping the good memories will be a comfort to you.


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I am sorry for your loss. I am quite certain that Bailey is watching over you from the Rainbow Bridge. Try to remember and reflect on all the good times you had with him.
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