EVO, Innova, California Natural and HealthWise Dog Food Recall

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I think I used a bad link. But it looks like EVO is recalling some of it's brands due to Salmonella bacteria.
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With all these recalls for salmonella, vets should reconsider the pros/cons of raw feeding. When I told my vet I raw feed, they said I shouldn't because of the dangers of catching all sorts of diseases and illnesses. WELL............looks like my dogs have a worse chance of catching anything more from commercial kibble than a drumstick! My dogs got sick from a bad batch of food - twice! Never once were they ever ill from RAW.


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Thanks so much for posting this!

Rusty is eating Acana & Orijen and, except for the Duck (Acana) that he is finishing now (and he LOVES), I absolutely stay away from chicken -- he got the runs, before, so I avoid it with good results.

He loves Bison and lamb, and his next culinary challenge will be the Orijen with "wild boar".......I can't wait to see his reaction to THAT! :D


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I just sent back my cat food info since it looks like they are expanding their recall....it's fine, I've been looking for a reason to switch her over to Orijen cat food. Coincidently she just threw up her new food/had diarrhea which made me go look at the new bag numbers. Surprise to me today fainticon
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