eating grass

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I to have had to pull those undigested pieces out the other end. Not so much fun, for them either. The look on their faces when they know something is stuck is rather hilarious. Molson had a habit of eating stones when he was a puppy, and we had to clean him out with some mineral oil. Half a bottle, he wasn't very impressed, but knock on wood, he hasn't got one stuck inside ever since!

Alisha Mobley

Boxer Insane
Pulling the grass out the other end was the problem w/ Sheeba's grazing. That's why I tried the green beans, those come out on their own. Hopefully this summer I wont have to worry about the grass eating. Now that I feed BARF they get plenty of green foods daily.:)


Boxer Buddy
Both of mine will also eat grass on occassion. It just makes it that much more important to be sure they aren't grazing on pesticides or herbacides. Since the play in the back has essentially destroyed any lawn I might have had, I don't treat the back yard, no fertilizers, weedkillers or bug sprays.

Alex Carroll

Boxer Pal
I was going to post a question about my grazing boxer but I see now its a common problem. I allways carry a tissue for rear end removals.
A funny incident: My 4 year old male (Lewis) stole a whole roast chicken from the refridgerator. The next day in the park he started chasing his tail- round and round- On closer inspection I discovered the string which had been used to truss the chicken - which he could'nt manage to eject -another job for the tissue!

Despite the grass and his thieving ways I would'nt change him for the world.


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Well. I'm happy to see that I shouldn't be worried. Sammi immediately has a mouthful of grass as soon as she's outside! She always has fresh water so it's not thirst. A few times in the past week, she wouldn't eat her breakfast, but I think she's just being finicky.
I love this site! Anytime I have a question, I check out the forums, and invariably come up with the answer! Thanks to all the boxer lovers out there!
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