Desperate-5 Month puppy w/ Pneumonia & enlarged Heart plus tummy issues

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Hi all,
My little Max has taken a turn for the worse. He has had loose stools since we have had him (8 weeks) but increasingly often he has had liquid and sometimes explosive diarrhea. Occasionally it contains mucus, but often does not. We have done blood work, fecal testing multiple times, and metho scrip twice just in case. We have also changed his food to a bland diet and changed proteins/fillers to rule out allergy.

Well, two days ago he developed this horrific retching that sounded half cough/ half gag-like. It got horrible throughout the night and I suspected it could be bloat, as he had been antsy the previous day. We rushed to the ER and x rays determined nothing, back on meds/scrip food and when he didn't improve with the horrible cough/gag the ER doc sent us to his hospital for more x-rays w/ better machine (steep discount as we had done some that AM) and for blood work. We were trying to get to the tummy issues but found something else...

Blood work is normal. X-Ray revealed pneumonia and a "slightly" enlarged heart. We brought up the heart size, and the dr confirmed it was slightly large but not currently of concern and should be kept a close eye on.

Well, I know cardiomyopothy is common (though not in pups) and I know a side effect is pulmonary edema (which is nearly impossible to differentiate in x rays)...and I feel like maybe we need to take immediate action given the situation.

I don't know that the tummy is related, but I am desperate to help my little guy feel better and prevent him from getting worse. He is happy and still somewhat energetic but he gets bad at night. Has anyone experienced this? Am I just paranoid? I am a first time dog and boxer owner and Max is the most wonderful little pup in the world. Any ideas, suggestions or thoughts would be most appreciated.


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I'd ask for an appointment with a cardiologist. If he were my pup, I would want an echo done to make sure his heart was working ok.

The retching/gag cough sounds like kennel cough. Is he throwing anything up when he does it? How is his appetite? Did they do any lab work? If he does have pneumonia, that would also explain the retching sounding cough.

Good luck with your puppy.


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I agree with scheduling an appointment with the cardiologist.

When we initially rescued Layla she had kennel cough too. What you are describing is exactly what she had.

Prayers being sent hoping that you get some results for your furbaby.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Sending healing vibes. We went thru the digestive issues when Sable was a pup. But we knew the cause was an excoriated bowel from surviving on her pee and poop when she was abandoned in a rabbit hutch at an Amish puppy mill. We are currently dealing with digestive issues again at almost 8 years old with negative tests. I would also recommend an internist and a cardiologist.

We own a wing at our emergency hospital. We have spent enough to buy a brand new car on our Boxers. Not something to brag about. Most people think we are nuts. They are our babies and only children. I hope you are able to resolve your issues quickly with a positive outcome.
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