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Boxer First or Baby First

Discussion in 'The Boxer Ring' started by Conger, Mar 18, 2002.


Who came first into you family, your human baby or boxer baby?

  1. My human baby(ies)

    16 vote(s)
  2. My boxer baby(ies)

    13 vote(s)
  3. I just have my boxer baby(ies)

    32 vote(s)
  4. Both came at the same time (within a couple of months from eachother)

    0 vote(s)
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  1. catcompany

    catcompany Banned

    Jul 20, 2000
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    Draco came first---he joined our family on Aug 26th, 2000 and my skin baby was born June, 2001. I was told that after the birth of the baby my attitude towards Draco will change--but that never happened. Draco is and always will be my first born........Draco was excellent with Royina..he was so very protective of her--it was after her birth that I found Draco barking at strange men coming to our door (before he used to wag his tail).
    Now we have Argos---and he is very good with Royina too..........I feel blessed --I have three wonderful kids..two with me and one in my heart.
  2. MommyD.

    MommyD. Guest

    Jan 1, 2002
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    We have a mixture

    I have always had cats. I am a serious cat lover and when my first daughter was born the cat had a new buddy. He forgot all about me. Then, the dogs started coming after all the skin kids. The Rottie came just a few months after I had my youngest daughter and we got some strange looks, trust me. The Rottie has always been protective over the kids and stands guard when they are all in the yard. When we would have cookouts and the neighbors would walk their dogs, Knight would run over to the baby on the blanket and lay down a close to her as she could get. Protecting her from the neighbors dogs. Lol..it was the cutest thing. Still almost 4 years later, those 2 are best buddies. We just got the Boxer and it has been wonderful. He had to learn to be a little more gentle with the kids, but that took no time. He misses them when they are at school. When they get home it is super rowdy play time. Thank goodness we don't live in an apartment. THe noise is something :D
  3. RileyMom

    RileyMom Boxer Booster

    Dec 4, 2000
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    Boxer baby, then skin baby

    We got Riley first. That way we had plenty of time to spoil him rotten and also to thoroughly train him -- we still find the time to spoil him, but I can't imagine having the time to train a boxer when there's a baby around!

    Riley still gets plenty of walks, his own toys, lots of lap time with daddy, and even more treats than he used to because we are proud of how well he is behaving himself now that he's a big brother.

    Declan has just started to notice Riley recently, and it is fun to watch them interact. I couldn't be as trusting of a young puppy (even though Riley is still a puppy in his own right).

    I think they will be great buddies in another year or so.
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