Boxer Breed Predisposition and genetically inherited disorders


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I know this thread is a bit old , but thanks for the post. Cash has all the symptons of Atopy and our vet isn't really giving us concrete answer except allergies and changing food. We gave him a shot and some antibiotics but now that the cycles are ending he is starting to itch again. Now, that i have an idea of what it could possibly be, i'm a better informed to talk to my vet. Thanks!!
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Re: Skin allergy

I have been browsing all of the skin related health issues and have a few questions. I live on 6 acres and have 2 crazy Boxers that love to run and romp in the woods. Around Dec. I noticed what looked like a scratch on the female when she came inside. Soon thereafter she began getting dry spots like scabs and lossing hair in the region of the scratch. I went to the vet and they did all of the usual things, change diet, thyroid test and daily Derm Caps. Very little change noticed so far. I was using Eukanuba and now we are working on Hills z/d. I know many people do not like these foods and I plan to change to something better but I wanted to give z/d a chance first since it was vet reccomended. Now my male is starting to get the same dryness and loss of hair. From the breed disposition website it seems like this condition may be atopy but they do not itch. They are both 2.5 years old - so I think they ruled out mange. I am scheduled to go back to the vet next week to discuss other foods and further tests. They seem very happy and not bothered by the condition except for the lack of treats. Any reccomedations? I am afraid I will have 2 bald boxers soon.

Hi, you need to change their food for sure, Hills & Sci Diet are recommended by vets, but the ingredients are ridiculous.....a raw diet is prob best, but not as easy to do (in my opinion), but you can change their food to Solid Gold or Candidae, or something w/ meat as a first ingredient, not full of fillers, try a holistic vet, they will tell you. Also, don't let you regular vet feed your kids full of steriods, they are horrible for them and have awful side effects if used too long. Try antihistimines and try allergy shots if deemed necessary (from a canine dermatologist). If they don't work, cyclosporine is a wonderful alternative to steroids. I only tell you this b/c I wish I had known sooner and had not subjected my baby boy to steriods. He looked like he was going to die and my vet didn't seem to notice. I finally got him to a specialist after demanding a referral, and he is much better, not perfect, but much better. The cyclosporine is expensive (almost $200/mo), but as I said, my baby does have terrible allergies, and the allergy shots are not enough alone. A lot of people have had success w/ the raw diet, which I want to try, but have not been able to (w/ horrible work schedules, etc) sorry to say, to see if used correclty if it will really help. Keep researching and again, don't go for steriods, they shorten their too short lives as it is, and there are other options to try that are much better first.

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Eye problem

I just noticed last night that my eight month old boxer has a little lump on his eyelid, it's hard to say what it is looks like a ball of skin, maybe a wart I just don't know. Has anyone every seen this before


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Wow why are there so many???

It seems as though there are so many disorders for boxers. Jack is my first boxer and I love him dearly but I am concerned that boxers are predisposed to sooo many illnesses and conditions. After my last dog passed on, I looked at either boxers or american bulldogs. I chose a boxer because their personalities are unsurpassed. But when I looked on that website there were no illnesses listed for american bulldogs and a long list for boxer. I am very very glad that I have Jack, he is the most amazing dog, I just dont want him to get sick now that I have fallen in love with him!


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Hair loss

Our boxer Jesse, starting getting bald spots on his sides and ears. We took him to the vet, they said it was allergies and to change his diet. We now feed him Blue Buffalo. It didn't help. The one thing that did help was "Ultra Oil". It has anchovy and sardine oil in it. That's the safest oil, less mercury than the other fish oils. All his hair is now back except for his ears. I know it works because I ran out, ordered more and it was on back order. He went 3 weeks without it, and his hair started falling out again. I now order way before I run out. Still havent fixed the ear hair loss, but he constantly scratches them. the vet has tried several prescriptions, but none of them have worked. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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JackM, remember that not all dogs have all the problems.
My Sandy has had excellent health and she is now 10.
Napoleon on the other hand has several things wrong with him.
Knowing these things can happen just helps you be aware of what can occur.
Each dog is different.

You just have to love them!