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Hypothyroidism, please help

I recently joined this sight for support in understanding my boxer's illness of hypothyroidism. First sign that Roxie had the illness was that she lost her hair!

Ofcourse we took her to the vet and she recieved her medication. Just when you think things are looking up and she was getting better, she only got worse.

After receiving her meds she looked great, but for the past two weeks she is have a hard time walking. I describe her walking as if she was walking around drunk. She is very clumsy and has even falling down when trying to eat her meals. Her feet are sometimes dragging behind her.

Does anyone have any insight to her condition. Is this process normal when adjusting to her medication

Thanks Jen


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gmacleod -Thanks for the info.

gmacleod said:
Actually, it could be a form of alopecia :)

Alopecia areata
Thought to be an autoimmune disorder
Symptoms: Patches of hair loss especially on head, neck, and body; no itching
Diagnosis: Microscopic examination of hairs; biopsy
Treatment: Usually recover spontaneously

I found that on this site - it could give you some ideas to discuss with your vet:

Thanks for all of the info. We went to the vet the other day and she was pretty impressed that I had all of the material you sent and we talked through all of the possibilities. I think we are sticking with a seasoanl flank allopecia diagnosis. My female has it pretty bad and it began around Dec. She is now starting to grow some hair back so I think we ruled out the food allergy. My male has been a little dry and flaky all winter but not too much hair loss. Well guess what? He is now getting the spots on the side which is how the female looked in the early days of this and it looks like textbook seasonal flank allopecia. As it turns out, this can happen in either the fall or spring. Wouldn't you know I have 2 dogs that have to get it on opposite cycles. Oh well...they are healthy and happy. On a brighter note we ruled out thyroid and other allergies with all of the tests. Hopefully this is the end of my worrying. Thanks again for your help!!!!


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Great to hear :) Love it when you finally get a diagnosis and it's a far lesser problem than you feared :D
Thanks for the update!


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Great site :)

Thanks for the site link..I have read up on this and it has been of great help.I have just posted a thread regarding heart murmers on the site. I will definetly be prearmed with all the right questions when I visit the vets in a few months time..Thanks again


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Is there any treatment for alopecia?
I'm having hair loss with my boxer as well and it's really worrying me... The vet has put him on medication, vitamin supplements, as well as medicated baths twice a week. Max has had 2 skin scrapes and blood work done. The next step is a biopsy. He has also suggested steroids however, he said that it probably wont cure whatever he has it will just stop the hair loss. I just want my baby to be healthy no matter the cost.
A worried momma,


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Yes, but it depends on what is the cause ;) Alopecia is frequently a symptom, not a condition. So you have to find out what the cause is before you can treat it.


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I am not a vet, however my miles had something similar and I got me some fish oil or omega 3 ( I think it is the same ) and it worked. He was missing that in his diet and his food made a difference. It would not hurt to try. The vet told me to try and it worked. The moderator is great at information as well. Good luck and let bw know how your dog is doing.


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I know this thread is a bit old , but thanks for the post. Cash has all the symptons of Apothy and our vet isn't really giving us concrete answer except allergies and changing food. We gave him a shot and some antibiotics but now that the cycles are ending he is starting to itch again. Now, that i have an idea of what it could possibly be, i'm a better informed to talk to my vet. Thanks!!