Better to have 1 or 2 boxers?

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I am new to the fourm and hope I am posting in the right spot. I have a 7 month old female boxer and am considering adopting a 3 year old male (both spayed and neutered). My female is pretty well trained on walking, sit, come, etc. so I'm thinking now is the time to bring in another dog before she becomes very possessive of her territory. Can anyone give me their thoughts/opinions based on their experience?


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2 for sure

Most dogs are better with another dog. I'll never have just one again. I did for years but after having 2 I would not make another dog live alone again. Of course there are a small number of dogs who don't cope with other dogs, but if your girl is fine with other dogs out and about she should enjoy another dogs company.
It's best to introduce them first though and make sure they like each other first.
Mind you, I never did. I have adopted 2 females and 1 male to share with my male. Only the male didn't work out (we took him as an emergency case even though it was pretty obvious from the start that they wouldn't work out)
Otherwise they have got along wonderfully, after the female has very clearly explained who is boss. Yes a 25kg girl can indeed get a nearly 40kg male down and begging for mercy.
The two I have now are so happy and loving it brings joy to me everyday and it is even better when you have rescued an unwanted dog.


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From my experience none of my dogs have been 'possessive' of their patch when another dog comes to visit. I have a 4 year old girl and my 10 week old baby is getting on great with her no issues at all- its like hes been here forever! So i wouldnt see the need to rush into getting another if you are only worried abut territory.

But with boxers the more the merrier- 10+ would be nice!


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I have two and I will probally always have two from now on. We had Cody first and he was almost two when we got Aniah. She walked in at 9 weeks old staked her claim as Alpha....Cody agreed and it has been lovely ever since. My Cody became a much calmer dog within a very short period of time. Having another boxer, someone else who is extremly active and needs tons of excercise is perfect. They wear each other out so much better than we were able to do with Cody by himself.
So in my humble opinion I say go for it....I honestly think that with boxers two is best. I'm not brave enough to go for three ;) .......I simply don't have any room left in my lap :)


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It Depends

We have had two in the past and loved it. Our current boxer - a rescue - does great with some dogs and not with others. We have tried a couple times to adopt another boxer and it has it's ups and downs.

I love having two because they usually play so well together and keep each other company. Our current boxer is however much happier being an only dog. :) And because of his personalty (the calmest Boxer EVER) he is quite happy for it to be just him and we are too!

I wish you luck!


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Thank you!

Thank you for your replys. We are going to have a meet and greet this weekend so I can test his temperment around my current puppy and kids. I was hoping that as mentioned above, brining another boxer into the house to play will reduce some of the hyperness of my puppy, she litterly cries when she sees other dogs and can not play with them. I take her to an open field every day (except for when it rains), but I get so tired of running and she gets bored quickly that I think a friend would do her some good.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions.


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Let us know how the meet and greet goes. I'm a 2 boxer home and don't know if I'll ever go back to one. I just love watching my two chase each other thru the house, barking and trying to grab toys from each other! Mine are 9yrs and 3yrs. At one point I had three boxers. Even tho' I loved it most if the time I know that is my limit.


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I have two.

Goods: they LOVE eachother. they play, eat, sleep together. I don't feel that guilty when i hang out at night.. i know they play. I love knowing that my dog has a sense of being in a pack, sharing his life with another dog..

Bads: double vet bills and double food, treats..
less space in the car.. and on the couch! hahahaha ;)

And also.. it depends how the "second" is. Our first boxer is sweet as can be. Calm, with a hint of play and silliness.
Our second.. is just plain goofy, fun and silly!

we could bring our first boxer everywhere.. but now that we have two, i see people hesitating and making a face if we bring both dogs at friends' gathering, family bbq and such... especially the goofball.. hahaha he is well behave, but he is still young and has that silly boxer thing going on.. i love it!

so .. now.. they stay more at home, where we could bring one dog, two is harder to bring along..

BUT.. I love having two! it's awesome!
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Very good meet and Greet!

We had the meet and greet today. It was wonderful. They played so well together and chased each other. I have decided (pending the house visit) that we will bring the second boxer into the house!

I have considered the double vet bills, etc. but I did not think how other people will feel when I show up to a cookout with 2 boxers. Good thought to consider. I'll have to think of a way to get everyone used to it.

Jaxon - Well you don't want to ruin your marriage over getting another, I'm sure you can some how get your husband to agree. Just keep working on him!

I'm so excited, I hope the home visit goes well and they approve me! I will keep updated!


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I am so glad everything worked out for you.
I am considering getting another boxer also. Tyson turned 1 yesterday and he needs a playmate. I have my sister's and brother's boxers for him to play with about once a month, but i want someone for every day for him.
Jaxon dont give up on your husband..My husband said no also at first, but after persuading him a whole lot, he gave in...So dont give up.
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