balding patches on back

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Thanks. I'll ask about the Thyroid screening as well. If it is a thyroid problem, howis the thyrozine given? Is it injected? or a pill? I certainly hope it's not a thyroid problem-- we have a hard enough time getting Riley to take his monthly heartworm pills!! I will remain cautiously optimistic that it's the seasonal alopecia.

I am wondering now why the vet didn't even bring any of these possibilities to our attention last month when we had him in. She pretty much just said "oh it looks like he rubbed against something there and it should grow back..."
It's a pill, but a tiny, tiny one - I give it in a 1" X 1" cheese cube as a reward and he has no idea. :LOL: If it is a thyroid problem, it is an easy fix, so I hope it is something that simple. After we started the meds, a distinct difference was noted in his attitude, energy level and alertness within 3 days and his fur started growing back within 14 days. He has the softest fur now. LOL

If it is low you know what to expect:
I had a dog with low thyroid. It is a lifelong condition, he will need to stray on the pills, and neeed to have periodic blood tests to monitor the blood level and possible periodic dose adjustments. They will start on a low dose and cchck the level and bump up if need be.

The cheese works great...I found hot dogs to work too, and cheaper to give meds. I cut in small pieces and poke a slit in it with the knife and slip the pill in. Our girl had multiple pills to take, thyroid, arthritis meds glucosamine and chondritin, and vit c. 2x/day for everything but the thyroid.

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Originally posted by Cubby
Get a T4 thyroid screen.
You know what, now that I think about it, the breeder we got Angel from said she thought Magnum might have a thyroid problem when she saw him - not because of the balding, but because she thought his brindle stripes looked like they were blurry in that same area.

I agree with Rileymom... why wouldn't any of our vets (we've moved from one state to another and changed vets a few times in both locations until we found the one we liked) have noticed this?

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