Any cool names for male puppy??

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for any cool names for our soon to come puppy (male) and we cannot think of anything that we like.. :S any suggestions??


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Consider what your hobbies are. Favorite TV shows, characters from movies, favorite type of music/band. What line of work are you in? Where do you live? So many ways to come up with neat and unique names! Just think outside the box.

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If I were ever to get a male, I would name it Bosco....I am partial to females though:)


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Name with Game

Cami's right on with referring to hobbies, etc., for names.
I've had several boxers and always think of what the name sounds like to others when I call them out loud in public. Examples if they help:

Had a tough looking boxer male but didn't want everyone to be afraid of him so I called him Buddy. Everyone always thought he liked them instantly, but he was just responding to his name. (Note: he was very well trained & didn't run off with strangers just because his name was called.)
Doctor friend called his boxers, Nip and Tuck. Almost a calling card.
Had two boxers and two cats: Sampson & Delilah, Romeo & Juliet. Besides being cute, that's the only way I could quickly recall their names at first.
Another friend named his boxers, Bud & Wiser, run it through fast for a laugh.
My sister was into martial arts so we named her boxer Kempo.
I love the name Maximus for a boxer. Favorite movie characters are a good sources of names.

Think of a name that brings a smile to everyone's face when you call your dog's name aloud and you just can't go wrong.


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Have you considered waiting until you get the pup so that you can name him something that fits his behavior or appearance.

Our brindle male's name is Woody because as a puppy he had a marking on his shoulder that looked like wood grain on a tree stump. His registered name is Zandel's It's In The Grain and his name is Woody. Woody's given name from the breeder was Lefty because his blaze goes to the left.

Our female is a reverse brindle. As an animal lover I am against fur coats. We called her Sable as in a Sable fur coat because she laid on me all the time.

Our first Boxer's name was Tigger. He came with the name. We thought it was stupid and were going to change it until we got him home. He would spring up and down on his hind feet like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh so the name was fitting. We called him Tig.

We also like the idea of go with what you are into. Our next pup is part of an "E" litter. We love hockey so we are going to name him Evgeni after Evgeni Malkin. That gives him his E name. But we will call him Evgeni's nickname which is Geno.

We like names that are short and snappy. We think it is easier for a dog to comprehend. Just our thought. We also want it to be something that we will not be embarrassed to yell out the back door or on a walk. We are not Fluffy or Biffy kind of people. Although people get a big kick out of Woody as a name. We never went there with it. The breeder wanted his registered name to be "Morning Wood" but they did not think AKC would accept it and it was not why we named him that.


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If you would like for it to mean something special, you can always look names up by meaning. Since there are no names that mean boxer I looked up warrior, and out of the pages that came up, there was Abner, Cayden, and Gunther.
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