American bred vs standard bred

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Today I had someone tell me that there is an American Bred and a Standard Bred Boxer and went on to explain some of the characteristics of each. Is this true and could any of you explain the differences? My dog has 1 black toe nail on her rear foot and this person made a big deal about that and how it was a good thing. I felt like I was being punked! I never heard of this!?!


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My guess is that person was either playing you or is ill informed. On my boxers I have noticed that they have black nails if they didn't have white fur on that toe. If the toe is white the nail is white.


Boxer Insane
My girl now has all white toes and all white nails. My previous girl had all white toes and one black nail. It is just a pigment thing and means nothing.


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And our two brindle boxers have all white feet (socks) with some black nails! I've never heard of the "American" boxer thing either. Maybe just something that breeders made up to ask more for their pups???


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Each breed has a "standard". The standard is the written list of physical and temperament characteristics that a breed is supposed to embody. Basically a definition of what each breed is. Look up any breed's standard and you will see specifications on color, size, body proportions, temperament, coat length and texture, etc.

Each registering body (AKC, UKC, CKC, etc.) may have slightly different standards for any given breed. For example, some registering bodies will accept certain colors whereas other registering bodies will consider those colors to be faults. For some breeds it might be head size, muzzle shape, or something else that differs between the standards of the different registering bodies.

It is not unusual to see different "types" of the same breed in different geographical regions of the world--sometimes even within the same geographical region--depending on which is the more prevalent registering body for that region and how their standard reads.

Boxers bred from European lines tend to be wider through the shoulder, have a shorter, more upturned muzzle, and a different head shape than those bred from American lines. They are all Boxers, just bred to slightly different written standards.
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