ACL Stifle Brace


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My almost 12 year old girl has torn her ACL. Unfortunately, due to cost and other health issues, surgery is not an option. Has anyone had any luck with a stifle brace? I have 15 years vet tech experience, and know that the success rate of a brace is very low. I don't expect it to fix her, just give her some stability and make her more comfortable. I cannot afford $800 for a brace, but don't expect to get one for super cheap either. Which ones do you recommend?


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First of all, I'm very sorry to hear this and I totally agree that surgery on a 12 year old boxer is not an option. Have you considered or ever heard of the "gofundme" site or others like it? I am very new to these type of sites myself but they do seem to help and draw some funds if you can get the word out. I am not sure if these sites are against boxerworld forum rules so I apologize in advance if they are, but at the same time, they are a way to raise money for your girl. (Boxerworld moderators, please just scold me and delete this post if I'm out of place, not my intention)


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My boxer tore her ACL when she was 2 and struggled with whether to get surgery. I opted not to do it for cost but also because I didn't think I could keep her crated for 6 months post surgery. Instead I kept her as contained as possible. Not letting her jump up on beds or couches and not letting her run off leash. I also started giving her dasaquin tablets daily. Happy to report that she walks without limping, runs and jumps and is a spry 7 Year old. I think it helped her recovery since she was young and I started her on dasaquin so early. She is developing arthritis in her hips and knees which is normal for her age.