1. carbon copies

    carbon copies

    Gunner and Sammy tired from play.
  2. The headless litter

    The headless litter

    Where did all their heads go? I swear I didn't chop them off on purpose. This is Emma with most of her siblings before she came home. About 6 weeks old.
  3. Shiner and Hudsen

    Shiner and Hudsen

    Oh, brother, another young sprout too look after, teach, and show the rules of the house to...
  4. Savannah, Hudsen

    Savannah, Hudsen

    Ahhh, such a beautiful view, sis, isn't it?
  5. Rudy and Big Sis

    Rudy and Big Sis

  6. Playing...


  7. Aren't we cute?!

    Aren't we cute?!

  8. Sadie & Rudy - Jan 2002

    Sadie & Rudy - Jan 2002

    Sadie's first week with her little brother, Rudy.
  9. 70 pounds versus 40 pounds

    70 pounds versus 40 pounds

    tug of war between siblings