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    Chewing and Destroying Toys

    Get a purple pig squeaky toy from Walmart! 5 bucks but Honnah loves hers and believe me she destroys all toys! It's really weird, because she could destroy it but doesn't. It's nice to see her have a favorite toy! Try it out!(y)
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    Silly Girl!

    Right now, since it's Christmas time we have a big green grinch in the living room. Honna approaches very carefully and then backs off. The Grinch really concerns her.. So funny to watch.
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    Ozzie has passed

    No, there will never be another Ozzie, but there will be a new little maniac running around that will set a new beginning. Ozzie will live on with the new pup as our puppy reminds us so much of our Heidi. Godspeed Ozzie.
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    Heart Tumor

    I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like she went peacefully, those last few weeks/months are the worst. The day before our Heidi passed, she was more spry than shed been in weeks. We had one great last day and she passed away the next, in my husbands arms. So very hard.
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    Time to say goodbye to jack

    This January 1st will be one year since Heidi left us. I think we have talked about her every day since. There are so many good memories and at least you know they are not suffering anymore. It's a hard road but you just have to do what's best for them. What a blessing to have jake with you for...
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    10 years, THANKS BW

    Congrats on 10 years! Boxerworld has also been my #1 resource since Heidi came into our lives in 2002. We now have 10 week old Honna and I am back on BW reading all the puppy threads!! It's a great place and boxer lovers are one of a kind!! cool2icon
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    Lymphoma here too :(

    So sorry to hear your baby is not doing well. It's so hard but you will make the right decision for him when the time comes. :'(
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    Heidi has passed

    Oh, thank you for that! You know, we talked about her boyfriend Austin after she passed! I do hope he was waiting for her and they are playing, carefree at the bridge. What a wonderful thought. angelicon angelicon
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    Fluffy Celebrated New Years at the Bridge

    I'm sorry for your loss. We lost our Heidi on New Year's Day as well. angelicon
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    Heidi has passed

    I am so sorry that your Zeus has also passed. I hope they are running and playing together. We do have so many memories, it's so bittersweet.
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    Heidi has passed

    Thank you, your words help.
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    Heidi has passed

    It has been quite awhile since I've posted on Boxerworld. I first started visiting the site when Heidi came to live with us in 2002. Heidi was 2 years old and a bundle of energy. Heidi brought us many years of happiness. She was such a sweet, gentle soul. Yesterday, 1/1/13 Heidi went to the...
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    2nd Dog Ideas; Not a Boxer

    We have a ShihTzu and even though he is all of 12 pounds he gives our Boxer a run for her money. They love to play together. Heidi is so tolerant of him. He will nibble on her front paws and she will just lift her leg up and let him do it. Heidi is a laid back boxer and Barkley is laid back...
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    Sheba's Gone To The Bridge

    So sorry to hear about Sheba's passing. I know she will be greatly missed. You and your Mother take care. angelicon
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    Introduction from a newbie

    Welcome to BW and enjoy the site. Hopefully, you can use this place to help with Baxter's medical problems. :)