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    boxer pup sleeptime song video

    sleeping boxers So good no good for juke he just falls asleep anyway no need to sing to him
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    Kodak Moment

    bath time Sound so funny in your house that night if you had a camera or video to hand nothing would of happend,seeing that you did not have one it was full of laughter. always the same
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    Sleeping like pork chops.

    pork chops Thats nice to see them so close juke does the same but he is a single pork chop .
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    GAME ? keep one - drop one

    first chance
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    Finally getting results

    We have been going to the vets for a while now to try and find out why juke is limping just found out that juke has arthritis in his front feet, he has been limping on and off for a while now but been on medication but not worked.They have finally took xrays now but cant see anything wrong at...
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    Tricks to keeping your boxer cool in a heat wave?

    Keeping cool When juke gets warm we put wet towels over him and pour cold water on him,and give him plent of water to dink we did have a kiddys pool but he thought it was a toy and put his teeth through it.
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    Favorite Toys?

    toys Jukes best toys are balls and squeeky toys i did buy juke a hard basket ball a few weeks ago but it did not last the week out but it lasted longer than any other ball. He has a rock hard rubber ball that he take on his walk around the park, but its like an egg now did start of round they...
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    so vain

    When we come downstairs or come in from outside and walk up the hallway they is a full size mirror on the wall at the end hallway, Juke is always the first to walk towards the mirror we have noticed he looks in the mirror quite a lot. We dont know if he is checking to see if we are still behind...
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    new tv advert

    tv advets I have not seen the boxer in eastenders only because i dont watch it that much, we look out for boxers all of the time when watching tv like the homebase one at xmas, When you watch tv they is quite a few boxers in the adverts and in programmes when do look. Is it just boxer owners...
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    new tv advert

    Anyone else seen the new tv advert for vax hovers it has a boxer in a harness floating with balloons , it a fawn boxer with its tail still in one piece it was on sky channel 105 channel five.