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    Fiona - almost 7 months too

    She is actually a very happy girl even though she looks so serious!
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    Fussy Puppy

    Thanks for the replies. I guess if I had to eat a plate of dehydrated meat every day I'd ask for something to make it a bit more exciting too! My neighbour gave me some cans of reasonable quality food that they got by accident and I've been mixing that in, alternating with salmon or eggs. That...
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    Big Thor is gone

    We had to say goodbye to our big boy Thor on Saturday. Thor was the dog that saved me after we lost Garvin. After losing 3 Boxers in as many years I couldn't face another one. I figured I'd get sent the right dog. Thor was a Dane X whose last days were running out at the pound. He came to us...
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    Fussy Puppy

    I think I have made a rod for my own back. Miss Fiona (6 months) is not particularly interested in her food. She gets a grain free kibble. She did wolf down the Purina that the breeder sent with her, but this one at 5 times the price....nope. So I've been mixing in some peanut butter or egg or...
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    Happy B'Day GDOGS

    Happy Birthday to your boy at the Bridge. It never goes away does it, it just gets a little easier to bear 😢
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    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    ceiling fan
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    Has anyone here used surgical removal/chemo/radiation for brain tumors in their boxers?

    Best wishes to Thora. A friend just lost their GSD earlier this year, she had DM and she lived pretty well with it for several years. They got her a kind of carry harness, where you sort of carry her around like a suitcase. She still had a pretty happy life so hopefully Thora will get a lot more...
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    Is Autumn to tactile and rambunctious in doggy day care?

    Yes agreed, if no ones complained and the other dogs don't appear bothered then it's likely not bothering them. Probably she's found the other dogs in the group that like to play hard. Miss Fiona was also the most rambunctious puppy in puppy kindy so she mostly played with the other tough nut dogs.
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    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    Rock Hard
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    My buddy argos

    So sorry that you have lost your Argos. They really are such a huge part of your life. What a blessing to have 14 wonderful years together. He's running free at the Bridge now, without sickness or pain.
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    Ruby ~ almost 7 months

    She looks like she is a happy pup. Very pretty little girl loveicon
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    Skylar had a seizure this past Sunday

    Hi Sorry to hear about the seizure, that must have been scary. Have you had a look to see if there are any hydrotherapy places near where you live? Our Dane is getting weak in his back legs and the specialist he has to see a few times a year recommended hydrotherapy. A physio would help too...
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    Age at First Heat?

    Just wondering what the average age is for a female to have her first heat cycle? I've never dealt with a female in heat before so not quite sure when it is likely to happen or what to expect. We fostered a cat once that was in heat and it was PSYCHO evilicon so really hoping dogs are not the...
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    Game-Continued :) Keep one-drop one

    Dance music
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    Puppy Vaginitus

    So apparently Miss Fiona has puppy vaginitis. I took her to the vet because she appeared to have a UTI, took her back 10 days later when it hadnt cleared up, they decided it's puppy vaginitis. Gave me some some Kenacomb cream which I've been applying for a bit over 2 weeks (admittedly I did miss...