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    My vet says they took away the proheart shot?

    Thanks for the replies guys...Perhaps I will try Interceptor. Does anyone use the topicals? Thanks again! Eva
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    My vet says they took away the proheart shot?

    Help! I called my vet yesterday to schedule Roxy for her 6 month proheart shot to prevent heartworms, but they said they took the shot off the market a few months ago?! This really stresses me out, because Roxy was on the chewable heartguard prior to the shot, and she still ended up getting...
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    Boxer Friendly Hotels in Houston??

    To Catcompany Catcompany, I will be on Highway 6, near IH-10, apparently. Do you know where the Star Furniture Store is in that area? That is where I will be training for 3 weeks (yuck)!! They wanted to put me up at the Bradford Suites nearby, but they won't take pets under any...
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    Boxer Friendly Hotels in Houston??

    Thank you 2 guys!! :) Cubby, I found one from your link!! Now i just have to find out if I have the job! :p
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    Boxer Friendly Hotels in Houston??

    HELP! I may be getting a new job (a good thing :) ), and I will know as soon as a few hours for sure! The problem is, they will require me to go to Houston for 3 weeks for training!! They plan on putting me up in a hotel for that time, which is great, but of course I want to make sure it will...
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    Top Marks

    That is terrific!!!! :)
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    Glad I know alot of hunters

    Does anyone know where I could BUY Deer bones here in Central Texas? I think it's cow bones I find at Petsmart and Petco here. I don't know too many hunters myself, but I can imagine how excited my kids would be to have bones that big!! :D Eva
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    She's a sly one...

    That is a roit!! Roxy is taking notes (she always just stares at Kaiser too, and once and awhile he'll let her take away the bone)!! Eva
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    We are approved for a new puppy!

    That's wonderful CC!! :) Good luck!!
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    First rescue

    Paul, that is absouletly wonderful! Thank you for saving Bailey!! I rescued my boy Kaiser from a shelter at 6 1/2 years, and he was just getting over heartworms himself (the shelter put him thru the treatment.) My girl Roxy went thru heartworm treatment last year (DISPITE the fact she had...
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    CoCo needs a home

    Any luck yet???
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    We got our first foster!

    Bless you a thousand times over for fostering!! Samson sounds like a real joy. :)
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    I just have to share!!

    Thanks for making me smile after a very hard day at work!! :D You are so talented! Eva
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    Stop that!!

    Did you ever notice how when one of your babies does something wrong; i.e., has an accident, chews up your purse, etc., that THEY KNOW THIS, and even though you're trying to be mad at them (ignore them for awhile for example) they keep following you around with this ADORABLE ;) look on their...
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    Calcium - good or bad

    I give my kiddoes milk and cheese, as treats....does that count as supplementing their diets? Eva Momma of Kaiser and Roxy