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    American Idol is on the Air!

    Who was it? OK, who went home? My husband recorded it, but it cut off just when the last two were standing....... who was it???
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    Premium Edge vs. Nutro Ultra vs. Natural Balance...Please help!

    One of ours has a sensitive stomach too. We have both on Natural Balance now and no problems with diarhea any more - - it's so nice - - they gas is much, much better too. Cindy
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    Natural Balance?

    Our dogs have been on NB for quite some time now. One of ours has a sensitive stomach and we tried several different ones before finding this one. They both are doing very well on it and they love the NB treats too! Cindy
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    Welcome, sounds like you've explored the site and know how great it is. Look forward to hearing stories about your girl. Cindy
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    Rainbow Bridge Video

    What a great video. A good friend of mine just put her 11 year old black lab down this week. I'm going to send her the link. Thanks for sharing. Cindy
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    Hello from Birmingham, AL

    Welcome to Boxerworld. You're gonna love it here! Cindy
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    New puppy

    Congratulations on your new pup - they are such a joy! You can find the answer to just about any question you have regarding bringing a new puppy into your home. You can do searches or, I believe there is a section just on puppies. Good luck, it'll be Aug before you know it. Cindy
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    How many of you work full days?

    Both of us work full time. During the summer the kids are home and they are out all of the time. During the school year, my husband tries to come home most days at lunch time to let them out to go potty. Occassionally he can't make it so they're in their crates until one of the kids get home...
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    Boxer Newbie!

    Welcome to Boxerworld. Congratulations on your new little puppy. Cindy
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    Allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome to Boxerworld. You're gonna love it here - lots of info on boxer pups. Good luck on your search. Cindy
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    Greetings from another boxer lover

    Welcome to Boxerworld from another boxer lover! You're gonna love this site. Cindy
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    Welcome to Boxerworld. You're gonna love this place! Cindy
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    peanut butter??

    Peanut butter works great when you're trying to give them medicine. We wrap the pill in a small piece of bread with peanut butter on it. It works great, they don't even know they're eating medicine! I've never tried this, but I hear it works great. When giving them a bath in the tub, just...
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    Pictures of Ginger

    Oh my goodness, she's adorable! Cindy
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    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome to Boxerworld. You're gonna love this place - lots of wonderful folks with tons of experience to share. Cindy