Willing to Help Transport (NJ,DE,Eastern PA, DC, MD, Southern NY)

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Boxer Buddy
Hey all!

Sarah and I drove over 2 hours to Scranton to adopt a rescued boxer! We've had him for almost a week now, and he is the best thing that could have happened! We are so in love with this dog, we felt the need to give back to the rescue community!

If anyone needs some help in transporting, we are currently in Southern NJ, but have no problem traveling up to 3-3.5 hours to transport. The only times we would be avail to do so would be a Sat or Sun.

Brian and Sarah!


Completely Boxer Crazy
It feels wonderful doesn't it? What you could do is an internet search for what they call "Underground Railrod" groups that you can register with. When a transport is being organized, you will be notified and asked if you can participate by doing a leg of the trip!
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