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Hi everyone.
So my fiance and I have a running bet going that my new dog (Kisaq) is a full boxer. He thinks, no. I think ABSOLUTELY. Ok ... so he's probably not well bred as he was a rescue in Southern California (byb's gallor), but he is a sweet heart no matter what.

He has most of the boxer qualities in behavior that I am aware of - lazing around on his back on the couch, bouncing with all four feet off the floor, smootches and nose bump kisses, kidneybeaning, and just general wonderful goofyness.

But he does stand pretty tall (sorry, never put a tape measure on him so I don't know how tall). And he has more wrinkles on his larger head than I'm used to with American "style" boxers. And his ears seem to sit differently, are larger/longer, and his coat is thicker than my previous boxers. He weighed in at 64.7 lbs today at the vet and she said he was probably a little over one year old. His paws are huge! So I'm pretty sure he has some filling out to do...

Let's see if I can post the correct link to a photo or two.

Personally I think he has more of a UK boxer "style" ...

From the back

Head shot from the day I picked him up at the rescue

What do you all think? All opinions welcome. Because he's staying no matter what. :)
(He was neutered about two weeks ago, so that may contribute to the build. I plan to put some more weight on him and expect him to fill out quite a bit - but I dont' think he'll get to be more than 80 lbs).


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I think he looks all Boxer.
His weight looks good as well. Hard to tell his height in a picture but I don't immediately think too tall. I would not want to put more weight on him outside of natural filling out which may still take place if they have his age right.
He is very handsome.


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Thanks all!

Yeh, his back bone is still showing fairly strongly. I'd like to see that covered up. But not going to fatten him up too fast! Or too much. He's a lean dog and I don't want to stress his joints. I had him out side running around in the snow and cold and he still runs like a puppy. lol. Legs all trailing behind him!

He's my little sweetie boy!

(and one of him showing off his stitches - which he had removed yesterday - just 'cause).


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He stands just under 27" at the withers.

Do dogs have withers? lol.

Top of the shoulder blade that is.

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Aww those last 2 pics are SOOO ADORABLE!!! lovicon

He definitely looks 100% boxer to me. So wonderful that you were able to rescue him!
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