Toys for Boxers.... recommendations and post what your dog likes

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Boxer Pal
I did a quick search and didn't find any recent "favorite toys" postings so I thought I'd throw it out there. Especially since their seems to be new toys on the market very often.

What are some good boxer toys? What are your pups favs? Anything you would recommend?

Lets just talk toys :)


Boxer Insane
Sky loves her "chuckit" frisbee. We play daily and it flys really well and is easy to pick up for her. It also floats. Happy loves the Kong wobbler. We also have some cuz toys that have lasted a long time, but the squeakers can be annoying, lol.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Charlie also has a chuckit frisbee that he loves! He also loves this plastic squeeky ball that he found somewhere. lol, he just hopped into the car with it one day and I didn't notice until we were home.

If he is really excited he loves the defluffed stuffed animal toys, but he has to be the one to defluff them, otherwise they are not as fun. LOL.

Jersey on the otherhand loves anything that squeeks. Her favorites are the squeeky tennis balls that you can get. She can squeek for HOURS...... *rolls eyes* Sometimes I regret buying those....


Boxer Buddy
Same... Maple is in love with tennis balls right now, but especially the darn squeaky ones.... Even after a 10 hour day (walks before and after work of course), she goes to the tennis balls. We live in an apartment, so that makes the squeaky one null and void after 8pm.... But she will boxer burn in circles for a tennis ball :). Other faces- soft and squeaky (until she guts them of course :). Love her.


Boxer Booster
Lillie can't get enough of most JW toys (holee roller, good cuz, arachnoid ball, etc.). Also any tug rope & Kong squeaky tennis balls


Super Boxer
Mine love the big blue ball with the rope through the middle. They love playing fetch and throwing it around themselves. We have made it an outside toy due to its capasity to distroy anything that it hits when it goes flying :D

And anything that makes a lot of noise. Tennis balls expecially, we go through a lot of those. That is the first place Nala heads when we get to the pet store. She walks around the store with it then when we go to the register she jumps up gives it the the sales clerk who rings it up and gives it back to her. Its a hoot :LOL:


Boxer Insane
If your dog likes squeaky toys, I highly recommend the new line of squeaky toys that Kong has out. They are a pretty durable, transparent rubbery material that come in lots of bright colors and hold up well to chewing. But the real thing that makes them better IMO than other similar toys is that the squeakers are completely internal.

There is a small hole in each toy to let the squeak sound out (and trust me they are pretty loud) but the actual squeaker can't be gotten to from the outside of the toy. This is great if you have a dog like mine that will sit and nibble away at the hole of the squeaker and disect the little whistle part out.

I got one to try out and they tug over who gets to play with it. I've had it for a couple of weeks now and it is still a go-to toy for all three of my guys. Each will be getting one of their own in their Christmas stocking.


Boxer Booster
Tucker has a toy box with about 20 toys...his favs are his squeaky newspaper, his purple jolly ball and the rope toys. Honestly tho, he plays with each and every toy he has!


Boxer Pal
Nubz favorite toys are these things called Skineez. They look like roadkill LOL. Animals with no stuffing in em.... squeekers in the nose and tail. He absolutely LOVES em.

Second fav: Kong Wubba. I got this once because he likes jeans and pants...the material is tough on these, he can chew and chew on em and his baby teeth don't do much damage.

He's another dog that plays with everything, Kong, tennis balls, rope/tug toys.

I am thinking of getting a frisbee for him. I stocked up on those Skineez...they are fairly cheap, durable for a puppy but I'm not sure how they will hold up to adult teeth.

I look forward to reading about other toys, so I get some suggestions :)
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