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Don't know if tea was already mentioned somewhere in this thread: a friend of mine told me the other day that her first dog had to be put down because he ate a bunch of teabags. My friend didn't remember what tea it was but thinks all kinds of different herbal and black teas. The dog got poisoned so badly that they couldn't do anything for him.

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Thanks for this list, it's extremely useful - especially for new owners like me. Its getting printed off and put on the fridge :)


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Yikes! I had no idea grapes were toxic to dogs! We have grapevines where our puppy loves to play. Guess we better get rid of all the grapes... What kind of symptoms should I watch for to know if he's eaten any/too many?


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I've had Tyson for 3 weeks now. I can't believe it took me until now to see this. Thank you so much for posting this


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Thankyou so much for this list, and to the person who directed me to it! I have saved a copy of it and will send it to my mother who often looks after our boxer. cant be too careful with these things, will be very careful to avoid all the things on it.


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Sad but true

I just wanted to say that I was reading an article the other day about dog's eating grapes and raisins. I guess it's more of a new discovery that it causes kidney disease and failure. I was a little nervous because I remembered when the kids ate raisins a while ago and dropped some on the floor. I asked a vet and they said it wouldn't harm him unless he ate them in a large quantity. Wrong! It can take as few as 6 or 7 grapes or raisins to cause kidney damage or failure. It is a scary thought.

That's exactly how we lost one of our dear pet, Eddie....grapes. Our 7 year old dog got into our grape vines that I had 'no idea' were harmful to him. Within 3 days we lost him. :( I feel so guilty for letting him wonder into them. I know I was completely unaware, but I should have known. It's a horrible feeling knowing you didn't keep your helpless pet out of harms way.