Shocked, lost a friend

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Yesterday morning I left for work very early and was gone for a couple of hours.
Came home and my answering machine was blinking. Thought it odd since no one really calls me at home unless it is family and a few friends. Most people call me on my cell if they don't get me at home and I just never have messages!
Thinking that I must have missed that call the day before.....didn't notice it blinking when I got in on Tuesday night.
Hit play and hear this....
"This is Lori, Ian's sister. Ian died last night, swimming accident. Evonne (wife) wanted me to let you know."

I have to replay the message. No one would EVER leave a message about someone dying would they?

Replay. Get same cryptic message. Freak out. Hit play again. Hear the same chilling words for the third time.

Have to call hubby ASAP. We just can't believe it. He calls wife and gets further info which we later find out is different than the news is reporting. Typical...I never believe what I see on the news!

Her story...he was fishing with a friend. Friend says he is going to go and get a smoke. Ian says he is going for a swim. Friend returns within 5 minutes and can't find him. Calls 911. 4 hours later his body was recovered.

The best man at my wedding and friend of ours for 25 years has drowned at age 45.... in 6 to 12 feet of water. Father of two young sons. This just doesn't make sense. He was well over 6 ft tall and physically fit.

Yesterday evening when I came home from work hubby was sitting outside drinking a beer. Says he was "Having a beer with Ian." We both just sat in silence staring at our shed. Hubby breaks the silence and says...."Ian built that shed.". I shake my head and say. "I know."

I am massively into numbers. Not that I know what all the different numbers mean or represent but I like to add things up and see if I can make numbers mean something. On Tuesday, July 13th we put an offer in on some property. The address is 10725. I made that number mean something. We lost Cami on the 17th and she was born on the 25th. All four of those numbers mean something TO ME. We have been searching for property for well over 15 years. Long story but in my mind we are going to get this property since the numbers MEAN something.
As we are driving away from the Realtor's I mention that today is July 13th! Thirteen is traditionally a bad number but then realize that my cousin (nearly brother) was born on July 13th and that it was his birthday. I lost him two years ago. Maybe he had a hand in the offer we made seeing how it was on his b-day.
NOW THIS..... I knew that 13 was a BAD NUMBER.

Ian always called my husband "Opie". We have no idea why. His name is Kevin. It was always just one of those things. Now we will never know why.
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Boxer Insane
i am so sorry ((( more hugs )))) u are in our thoughts and prayers. may god bless Ian's wife & sons.

Boxer Insane
I'm so sorry for your loss. What a terrible tradegy and what a way to find out. Hugs.

P.S. I was born on the 13 Aug. No bad luck yet. Thank God.


Boxer Insane
I am so sorry for your loss of your friend. My thoughts and prayers are with your and your hubby and Ian's family, too.


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There are no words...

When someone close to you dies, there is so much to weep for. For your loss, and for the sorrow of the family who survive, and in regret for things you wished you had done—that call, that apology, saying more....

There are no words that can ease the pain and shock of loosing someone close to you: All I can offer you from my heart, is that Jesus is real, and He is the Prince of Peace and Healer. Seek Him for peace.
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