Sachi's newest addition: meet Maya

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Just wanted to introduce Sachi's newest family member, Maya. She is an approximately 1 year old boxer mix. She was named after Maya Angelou, the author of "I know why the caged bird sings" This is how awful our public shelters are here in SoCal.... this poor girl came in with over 100 ticks on her and they didn't remove a single one!! The stray hold period is 5 days, so on day 6 she became available. We wanted to get her that day so that we could get the disease carrying parasites off of her, but someone put a CTA on her. So in the clinic she goes that morning for spay, but the ticks were so bad and her skin so infected on the spay area that she was released on medical waiver. But, her CTA failed to show so she had to sit another entire day with over 100 engorged ticks sucking her blood!!

One of our volunteers got there the next day 45 mins before they opened so he could be the first in line to get her out and high tail it to the vet. We have some pics of her on our FB page

For those not on FB, I have pics and videos and more medical information on a petcaring page. I'm not posting it here to ask for donations, rather it's the only other online link I have for pics and a little video clip of her. I'm confident our supporters will help us cover all of her vet bill. Don't forget Maya or her 100 ticks | Animal Rescue -

She's most likely going into a foster to adopt home early next week. In the meantime, she's living large at one of our directors house.

Boxer hugs and kisses,

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