Pressure Cooking a whole chicken

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I just got my very first pressure cooker!!!! I am wanting to cook a whole chicken, bones and all, but I am unsure of the amount of water I need to put in to cook it?

I am new to home cooking as I have a yorkie who is sensitive to dog food and I am now going to home cook for her. Any recipes or ideas with whole chicken, salmon/sardines, lamb, or anything else, I would greatly appreciate. I am slowly introducing her to new veggies/fruit as she is very picky, so far she will eat carrots, and broccoli if i blend it in a food processor. I am going to introduce kale, yellow squash, blueberries, this week. She also likes sweet potato.

What do you recommend as supplements if any? As I have been reading that as long as there is variety and the meat (chicken and fish) has bones cooked to mush, there is no need to supplement?

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Check out the homecooking forum for recipes! If you are only cooking one chicken, you won't need a lot of water. I usually cook 20 pounds of chicken + veggies in mine all at once and only add 2 quarts of water.
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