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Potty Training Older Dog

Discussion in 'Dog Training' started by JunoMila, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. JunoMila

    JunoMila Boxer Pal

    Jan 22, 2014
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    Hi all,
    My husband and I live down south near the coast where grass doesn't grow. So last year we put down sod in our backyard. To keep it looking nice and to prevent dead spots EVERYWHERE from our 2 year old female boxer's pee I've decided to attempt to train her to potty in a specific area of the yard by taking her out on a leash to go and will try to slowly increase her freedom as she gets the hang of it. She's doing well peeing, as she associates that with the word "potty", however she WILL NOT poop while on a leash. Yesterday she went the entire day without pooping and this morning until I finally just let her off the leash and she ran off and went. Not sure what to do here! Help!
  2. Jan

    Jan Reasonable Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 20, 2000
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    All I can suggest is that you keep trying. You could trying putting some of her poo in the area where you want to go. You could trying using a longer leash. Lots of praise and reward when she goes in the right place.
    Good luck!
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  3. TwoDogs

    TwoDogs Boxer Insane

    Oct 18, 2007
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    It might not be the leash, it might be the location. Where did she end up going, and what was the area like--grassy, gravel, shrubby, weedy? She may just have a preference. My little Rat Terrier prefers to go poo in scrubby, shrubby areas. It's just what he prefers. I'd just let her go where she wants to go. Watch and see if there is a trend. Then, replicate her preferences in the location you want her to go. Plant a shrub, let the grass grow a little longer there, throw down some mulch, whatever she seems to gravitate to.

    Alternatively, just follow her around on the leash until she goes. If she will poo on leash in another location then you know it isn't the leash. If she won't poo on leash in any location then you can say it is the leash. If she won't poo anywhere on leash, use a longer leash. Make sure you keep slack in the line. Don't crowd her--give her space and don't hover over her waiting for it to happen. Don't be too quick to swoop in and scoop it up either. Some dogs need a little privacy to feel comfortable enough to poo. She might be one of these dogs. Many people will say "have a party and praise lots when she finally goes poop" but some dogs are startled or nervous when over-the-top praise comes out of the blue like that. If this describes her reaction, then just some gentle and calm "good girls" when she finally goes will be better.

    Lastly, how much time does she usually spend on leash, and doing what activities? Many dogs never get leashed unless it's for something exciting like going for a walk, in the car, to the vets, etc. If your dog is all geared up for something exciting, then she might be too worked up to go poo. When the leash comes off, she realizes that nothing is going to happen and relaxes enough to realize that she needs to go. If this is the case, I'd recommend leashing her up and just meandering around in the general area, paying her no attention so that she relaxes a bit. She'll likely go eventually. Once she learns that the leash doesn't always lead to exciting things, she should be able to eliminate more quickly upon being brought outside. Then you can start bringing her right to the area you want.

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