photobucket ! uggh

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ok - even more frustrated ... MY post crashed so , rewriting !

ok - i see many threads with links to PHOTOBUCKET so i joined , uploaded Sams Winter file 200 somthing pics ,( OK~ well the kids dont want me taking there pics anymore ~:) ) but i only want to share , say 4 from christmas , i tryed to make a sep file and post a link - that link took u to my main file - with edit options. thinken this is not good ! lol

any easy, good advice - kinda good with programs - but this one has me feeling stupid !! lol

or a dif file share program ~ i have never tried to make pics public , so all new to me !!

thanks in advance !!

Sam says "ya baby - i want my pic out there !!! " ( he is vain ) :P :P



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I haven't used photobucket in a long time, but I always just copied and posted the web page. You can either picked the album that shows all the pics, or just and individual picture. You do have to make sure that the pics are available to anyone.

Have both pages open at once. You go to the Photobucket pic or album that you want to show. Right Click on the on the link at the top of the page. Select Copy. Go to the place where you want to post the picture, Right Click, and Paste

Here I just went to the video of Tara playing in her pool,:

Good luck!
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