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Hey all, I used to post here when my Johann was a puppy....But I've been gone for a few years.

Johann is 9! He was diagnosed with spondylosis around age 4, at this point all of his thoracic and most lumbar vertebrae are involved. I also think he's has hip dysplasia

He gets 50 mg tramadol, 300 mg gabapentin twice a day, plus 5-10 mg meloxicam (depending on his activity that day) once daily. This worked beautifully for years. Now he's mildly limping despite all the pain meds.

Any other thoughts for meds or supplements to try? We've done dasaquin in the past without great results. He obviously has a vet appt coming up this week.


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When Markus had Spondylosis, I gave him Metacam. It seemed to work really well and as it was a liquid I could easily adjust the dose as needed.


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I can't help with meds, but if possible, you might try acupuncture. I have read of others having great success with it. I am looking for someone locally for Arabella.


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Thanks. I'm hoping a higher dose of metacam/meloxicam will help.
I'll look into acupuncture


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You might do a search -- I have written a couple posts on acupuncture and also laser treatments I did on Roxy once she was older. She seemed to get some temporary relief from both for a while. The great thing about doing this on dogs is they don't have expectations, so if you see improvement you know it was real and not just because they think it is going to work.