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My wife and I are looking to add two more members to our family. One will be another Boxer, but my wife would like to get a small dog also. Anyone have experience with a Boxer and a ShitZue, Maltese, or any other dog similar?

We would like to get both pups at the same time so they can grow up together.


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Hi. I have raised Maltese for over 35 yrs. and five years ago, added one adult female Boxer, Mika. She had been a kennel dog but settled in with the Malts (& other family member's dogs) like she had been raised around them. When I have Malt puppies, she offers to let them nurse (never been a mom), and lays down so they can climb on her and chew on her :)

A year after I acquired Mika, I got her a sister, Greta. Brought her home at 9 wks. Being a puppy, she had to be trained and worked with to respect the Malts and especially not to play too roughly. That took time. Now, as a 3 yr. old adult, she is super with them.

The main thing is.....the small breeds you mentioned can be fragile, so it is of utmost importance that as far as the Boxers are concerned....the little ones rule the house!! My Maltese rule over the Boxers and the Boxer girls take it :) However, they're always under supervision for the most part. That being said....my Malts and Boxers typically curl up with each other to nap, sleep with me, etc. They even play tug of war with each other. In fact, when the Boxers are being fed and a Malt goes up to their bowl (usually under the Boxer), the Boxers will politely back away and let the little ones snitch a bite.

But, the toy breeds do, to a degree have to be protected to make sure the Boxers remember not to box them or get too rough, but it can work.

You may, however, have a problem finding a good toy breed breeder who can be convinced to place a toy breed pup into a home with larger breeds IF they are not familiar with them.


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Tyson and Bailey get along with all breeds of dogs. Their "aunt" has a shitz tzu/poodle mix (can't remember what you call them) which weighs a whole 2-3# and is about 12 weeks old. They lay on their bellies, and this dog will stand there and just bark at them LOL. They just look at it like, "what is this little guy doing? we're the "big dogs" here, not him LOL".

They also play with a purebred shitz tzu, lab, doberman, dashund/beagle mix, border collie mix, pretty much any dog that will play with them.

I think a lot of it also has to do with socialization. Has your dog been socialized around other dogs? If so I don't think you'll have a problem. Just make sure he/she knows they are "top dog" at the house.


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i have a 9 month old boxer (TYSON) AND 2 SHIH-POOS (SHITZU&POODLE). For the most part they get along fine. Tyson knows that he cant be too rough with them. If he does they have no problem letting him know. They all like to play and eat together..


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I just adopted a German Shepherd and already have 2 Boxers and they all get along GREAT. As far as small dogs, my friend has a Schnauzer Poodle mix who is around 15-18 pounds and he and my 67 pound Boxer have always gotten along absolutely wonderfully and really enjoy playing with eachother. My Boxer plays very differently with him, like he knows he's smaller and realizes he can't box and play the same way. As long as they get along personality wise, they figure out the size deal pretty quick.

Good luck!


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Along with Juno, I also have a bichon x poodle. They're fine together. It was established from day 1 with Juno that she is to leave Lucy alone, and it's worked out fine.


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Had to share this with you. I have been doggie sitting for a client of mine. Bailey has only met this shitzu once or twice, and it was just a quick hello.
Yesterday, I took her and Tyson over to play with Mia (shitzu) and Lucky (lab). Bailey was so great with the shitzu. They would have a "stand off" (Bailey was in play position, front end down, butt in the air) and then just run off with Mia in tow. And then she would ever so gently put her paw on Mia's shoulder, as if to say, hey, lets go this way.
I don't think Bailey was ever really socialized with her other family, so this really surprised me.
I think boxers just naturally take to other breeds. JMO


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Have you thought about a Boston terrier? I have boxers and bostons and they get along perfectly. They are sturdy little dogs and have no problem keeping up with my boxers.


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My boxer LOVES boston terriers! So quite agree -- they mix well. You just have to supervise, as neither seems to understand that one of them is delicate and weighs less! :)

Cairo LOVED pugs. We would take her to the dog park, and there'd be plenty of big dogs who wanted to play with her. She'd pace the fence between her side and the small dog side, enticing the pugs over to her. One day they had a pug dress up party, and I thought she'd perish from want. She just thought she had to be over there and wouldn't give the big dogs the time of day. So we stopped going to the dog park -- what was the point -- and got a pug instead. :) While Isa is definitely not a typical pug -- something screwed up with that dog's breeding -- she's always done well with my big dogs, both fosters and family.


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I also have a Boston and a Boxer. I think my Boston has more energy than the Boxer! They play well together and are best buds!
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