New Seperation Anxiety after 4 Day Vacation

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Hi all, I know this subject has been addressed but I haven't found an answer to my situation.

I have a male 11 month old Boxer Jake that has not been neutered yet, waiting for him to fill out completely. He has not humped or showed any signs of aggression. He is one big love bucket!

I also have a 11 year old male Shar Pei, neutered, goof ball. He is grandpa to Jake since the day I brought Jake home at 8 weeks. Jake replaced my 10 year old female Shar Pei that passed and Jake has been great company for my male. Rocky actually looks younger and is more active now that Jake with all his energy keeps him busy.

I should also add I work from my home so I am here every day. Once a week I do a grocery run, errands, etc. I have trained the dogs to be alone, taking one by itself for some mommy time. I have done this since day one with the Boxer, he never cried, stayed home just fine.

Well I went on vacation for the 1st time leaving the 2 dogs in the house as I have always done in the past. I have a fully fenced yard and dog door. My neighbor came over daily and spent time with the dogs while I was gone. She said all was well, no problems, both dogs were good.

Right after I came back from vacation Jake decided I cannot leave the property without him. He 1st chewed the chain link fence, so I locked him in the house only for him to chew the door frame to get out. I reinforced the fence and he got through that. Tried again locking in the house, more door frame gone, all the way to the dry wall. More fence reinforcement, same thing, tore it like it was nothing. Thankfully he has never had one scratch on him. I know he uses his mouth for all his destructions, he has no claws from all his digging.

I have begun to do the reprogramming I have read by pretending I am leaving then come right back. I can go in and out 50 times and he's right on me. He cannot even go outside and play without an ear on the house. If I get up from the couch he charges in to see where I am.

I have read about getting a crate but most dogs can eat thru them which I know he will. I looked at the wireless containment systems but I doubt that would work (tried it on a stubborn SharPei who just shrugged off the shocks). A friend suggested sinking a metal pole and tied the dog to a chain so he can't destroy anything but that sounds mean, just as the crate sounds mean. I would prefer some sort of behavior modification.

He is a well trained dog with tons of toys, we've been to 5 training classes so far, he is very smart, just needs his mommy.

We go to a friends house down the street and when he's there he can care less where I am, that's the part the throws me - guess he's having too much fun there to notice.

I am a prisoner right now, I have to take the dog everywhere or find a babysitter until I lick this problem. I'm not a happy camper.


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I recommend you keep practicing coming and going, and getting a crate. This worked well for me. Make sure it is a large one, that you remove his collar, and give him a treat and a favorite toy. Put the crate in a familiar place and where he can see what's going on. I used a wire crate, placed them near a window, and never had any of mine chew through. I also left the TV or radio on, probably for my own piece of mind, but my logic was to make the house sound normal - as if I was there, just in another room. I agree tying the dog down is not a good idea - it puts him at risk of getting hung up and choaking. I also think it adds to agression, but that's just my opinion. Good luck!


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Crating is by no means a bad thing - unless they are stuck in there for too long or used as a discipline. Crating keeps the dog safe and secure from their own wrecklessness. Which sounds like your pup could use a safe place from himself until he overcomes this anxiety.

Please consider crate training him, at least for now. It will be some reassurance that he is safe and won't hurt himself.
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