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Need helpful tips on separation anxiety

Discussion in 'Dog Training' started by RolloDog, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. RolloDog

    RolloDog Boxer Pal

    Jul 1, 2014
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    Rollo is now 11 months old and over all a pretty well trained pup. My husband and I are starting to see an anxiety problem with him. He as escaped his wire crate multiple times (zip tied and everything). We now have the hard plastic crate with the wire door, and we are noticing that he is chewing through the holes on the sides and breaking the plastic in between each hole. We are getting worried that at some point he is going to make one big hole and try to stick his head through and get caught or worse :( We started taking him to a doggy day care and the lady that runs it said she is unable to leave him alone because all he will do is bark. Which shocked us because Rollo never makes a peep around us. She told us he has to wear a bark collar it is that bad.

    My husband works third shift and I work first shift. So we started to realize that Rollo is really never by himself that often. At night he sleeps in the bedroom with me next to my bed in his own dog bed. In the mornings he is crated in the bedroom while my husband sleeps. The lady at the doggy day care suggested moving his crate to a different bedroom in the mornings so he could not see my husband. Well, we tried that and my husband said it was non-stop barking and whining, it did not take long for us to purchase our own bark collar. For the past month now we have been moving his crate around the house hoping it will help. The barking is better because of the collar but he is doing other things like chewing thru his kennel and moving his kennel through out the room. Every time we come home his kennel is on the other side of the room usually up against a wall.
    We are leaving for a week long vacation soon and we are worried about him and how he is going to do at the boarding kennel. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to get him passed this.
  2. brodieboxer

    brodieboxer Completely Boxer Crazy

    Jan 6, 2012
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    Admittedly, you have a tough problem. You may want to get and read Dr. Patricia McConnell's book, I'll Be Home Soon. I'm not great with separation anxiety, so I'll leave specific advice to others who have dealt with it successfully. Because either you or your husband are usually home, you can employ some of Dr. McConnell's suggestions more easily.


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