My male boxer tries to pee on my female, why?

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My male has always been a squatter or at least kept all four paws on the ground. I noticed that he tried to pee on my female boxer while she was peeing. She will start her business and then he will come up and sniff at her then lift his leg and try to pee on her. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. She didn't seem to mind but I did and let him know I did not approve. He doesn't do it every time but I have noticed it every now and then. Why would he do this? They are both fixed but I assume he is claiming her as his?


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Are you sure he is peeing ON her and not having the patience to wait til she is done so he can pee over top of hers? Male dogs do tend to pee over other's spots.....even their poop. yuck!


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male peeing on female

i have the same problem with my male. he is also a squatter my 2 oldest boxers are 2 yo. whenever i let my female out to go potty, he stops doing his business and goes over to her and pees on her either back or butt. he is partially deaf, so a verbal command does no good and i will NOT smack my dogs for any reason! i try a spray bottle and that helps to an extent. if you find anything that stops this behavior, please post!! i would appreciate it!

We also have a 5 month old female but he doesn't pee on her.


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Our boxer girl gets her head peed on all the time,lol. Our boston will get a good wiff of somethign on a tree and start to lift his leg and she just can't wait to smell it and sticks her head right in the stream if I'm not right there to pull her back. Funny thing is, our boxer girl is the one that has to have the 'last pee'. Our boy boston is always the first.


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Thatcher would do this, it's pretty obvious when he does it that he's just not patient enough to wait because after it happened a few times I told him "No" and he pretty much stopped but he still finds where ever another dog has peed and pees over top of it.

When our two are let out in the yard to pee our little girl Boxer starts and then he will start toward her then look at me. I tell him "Wait" and then tell him he's a good boy. He's going to do it anyway.


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we have a 2x a week standing play group - the mix is 5 boxers , 3 males n 2 females .. and a bull mastiff ! and a mix we havent figured out yet ! lol ... the mix is always dif , depending on work schedules - and always at my house.


dogs get peed on - lol ... 1 will be to inpatient to wait for the other to finish .. and will head up to cover up .. and well u know what happens ... doesn't matter if male or female - just a matter of "covering " of course we say .. wait ( some do better the others ) some dont care ! lol ...

but IMO just a mater of covering .. sam ( my dog ) is more interested in it then the others .. but all of them do it !

( telling then to wait - and keeping a eye out - does help though )


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Too funny! This happens at our house too. Willie(our Boston) sometimes cannot wait to pee on the same spot as Bayleigh and will just pee on her. The first time he did it, she looked at him like, WTH?! Now she keeps an eye on him, either waiting til he finds his spot or being ready to move midstream!
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