My dog's favorite snack/treat is...

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I've always been stern on not giving my animals any "table" food. But after I got Titan, he gives me those big puppy eyes that make me want to give him anything. Lol.

His two favorite snacks for us to share are probably pretzels and ritz crackers. So I just got to wondering, does anyone else give into to the big puppy eyes? If you do, what does your dog like to snack on?
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Boxer Insane
Juno's big thing is apples. For some reason my mom got into the habit of always giving Juno her apple cores, and now Juno sits and droooollllssss if someone is eating an apple. She'll stop whatever she was doing and come running if she hears a knife slicing an apple.

It's kind of the most ridiculous thing ever lol.


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Our Boxers go ape crazy for mango and smoothies of any flavor. When they hear that blender they start to woowoo and happy dance. It is a riot.


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We are actually still trying to figure it out. The only table food Sebastian has gotten thus far is apples and some peanut butter. I will say that he will only "tolerate" peanut butter not go wild for it. Dog training treats are his go to right now. LOL


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fruits!!!!! Veggies and of course, peanut butter!!!!

I make my own doggie ice cream that they all drool over:

1 large qt of plain yogurt
3 large bananas
2 heaping tablesppoons of PB
Blend well, put in small bowls, freeze 24 hrs prior to serving.

Can substitute any fruits, as we know dogs aren't too particular! lol


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I've given Titan apples before and he goes nuts for ice cream! I should try this recipe you gave. I'm sure he'd love it! :D


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Everything. I'm not even kidding. That dog lives to eat whatever your willing to feed him. Which needless to say, makes training so much easier with him, he's SO food motivated! We don't allow too many human foods because he has got such a sensitive stomach. But yes I have to say everything. Lol. The only thing Tyson has ever stuck his nose up at was white rice when he had diarrhea and we were trying to settle his stomach, even at that he didn't like it but kept going back to take a few bites to "convince" himself to eat it....even though he clearly did not like it! Lol


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I'm with TysonCheeto - everything.
strawberries - raw is ok but more fun when they're frozen and she can attack them... she DROOLS when I go to the freezer to bring out the mixed berries bag!
dried apricot
peanut butter
carrots - if she hears me cutting food on the cutting board, she's right there!
popcorn - she runs when that machine starts too!

I think I'd have to say the absolute fave are the frozen strawberries... she's such a goof with them!
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