KY, WV, VA transport 1-19-08

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Boxer Booster
I'm trying to coordinate a transport for 2 boxer mix puppies. They are traveling from Lincoln County Shelter in Stanford, KY to a foster home in Orange, VA.
Look at those little faces-- don't let them down!

Below are the legs that are needed:

Leg 1: Lexington, KY to Morehead, KY (Rowan County) **Needed**
65 miles Depart 8AM Arrive 9:15 AM

Leg 2: Morehead, KY to Huntington, WV **Needed**
67 miles Depart 9:30 AM Arrive 10:45 AM

Leg 3: Huntington, WV to Charleston, WV **Needed**
54 miles Depart 11 AM Arrive 11:53 AM

Leg 4: Charleston, WV to Crab Orchard, WV **Needed**
61 miles Depart 12:10 PM Arrive 2:30 PM

Leg 5: Crab Orchard, WV to Caldwell, WV **Needed**
61 miles Depart 1:30 PM Arrive 2:30 PM

Leg 6: Caldwell, WV to Lexington, VA **Needed**
69 miles Depart 2:45 PM Arrive 4:00 PM

Leg 7: Lexington, VA to Orange, VA – Filled by foster home
96 miles Depart 4:15 PM Arrive 6:00 PM

If you would like to volunteer for this transport, please contact me at aboxerangel AT

Information needed:
Your name:
Groups you’ve transported with before:
Vehicle Make/Model/color
Cell/Home phone:
Leg(s) volunteering for:

This will be a monitored transport, and drivers should contact me after they’ve handed off the pups. 15 minutes have been added between legs for exchange, but avoid walking the puppies to prevent exposure to parvo and other nasty diseases. I will update the transport if I am able to get a crate to use and if the weather continues to not cooperate.

Cross-posting encouraged.

Thank you!


Boxer Pal
I wish I had seen this earlier. I actually went to Lexington on Saturday(19th) and picked up my boxer pup and came right up through Morehead KY, up through Ashland KY over into Ohio, but I live beside Huntington WV and i am 30 minutes from Charleston...
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