Isn't this mean??!?!!!?

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She is an idot. Completely honest, as a stranger, they are both good looking but Gus is cutier, IMO. How could she say that face is ugly? People are always telling me how ugly Rex is. He has scars from being used as a bait dog, is missing one eye and has a home ear crop job. Funny thing is he has the biggest heart and after people know him you do not see the outside. I thought your picture was going to be like that but your dogs are beautiful examples of the breed.


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How rude! Honestly, (I don't want to offend you either) I kind of think Gus is cuter! They are both adorable but I just fell in love with the Christmas pic where Gus looks like he's yawning and his tongue is hanging way out. Neither one of your babies is anything close to ugly so she is way out of line!


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Is she serious????? I think Gus is very very handsome and a big cutie!!!! Obviously jealous!!!!!!! She just wishes she could have a beautiful boxer herself

Don't let her get to you, I bet she doesn't have many friends :)

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Everyone has there own opinions. What matters is what your opinion is. Some people are just rude in natural, just over look her ignorance.

I think Both are very nice Boxers. Is there a such thing as a ugly Boxer? :)


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that was not nice

I think IZZY and GUS are bot GEORGEOUS. I love the picture! That lady definately should have kept her comments to herself even if she did think that. Enjoy your puppies over the holidays! Lots of treats and kisses!


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I hate people that "speak thier mind" in situations like that. If I spoke my mind back Im pretty sure the conversation would be over.

Beautiful dogs btw.


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Like my mom always says... "If you can't say something nice - don't say it at all!!"

Never has it been more true. What a mean and untrue thing to say. They're both cuties.


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Grrrrr! I hate it when people feel the need to interject their opinion in a negative way, instead of just saying something nice! Both of your babies are so gorgeous, she obviously doesn't know what she's talking about! nonoicon


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Obviously your boss has lousy taste! They are both adorable like all the other cuties here on boxer world.


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Your pups are very cute

Some people just dont like brindle dogs, No clue if it has to do with it, but Ive run across people who are afraid of brindle boxers but will approach a fawn with no problem.
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