Is Casper a big b*gger?

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wow he's gonna be a big boy, at 5 years old kneesaa weighs in at just about 60lbs...and it was such a hard time getting her to there!!!


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Toots is a good 4 inches taller than her sister, Cuddles. She'll be 3 next April, and is weighing in at a whopping 80 lbs right now. My girls are HUGE!


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He sounds like a big boy. However, I got Beau at 9 months and he weighed 56lbs. He weighed almost the EXACT same thing until a few months ago when he turned into a real piggy and started eating everything in sight. I couldn't believe he didn't gain ANY weight between 9 months and nearly 3 years. He's probably closer to 65lbs. now. Casper is very handsome no matter how much he weighs!


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Bodie is about 65lbs and just turned 10 months. He certainly doesn't look it, although he is beginning to fill out.

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WOW! That's muscle for sure! muscle weighs more, so he's packed! hehe
Jager is 13 months and weighs 56 lbs. He looks really skinny too, but I know he's not underfed! He's just very lean, and STRONG! When he puts his mind to something outside on the leash, he almost pulls me over! I better start lifting weights so I can hold my own! LOL!
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