I think I jinxed things...


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I almost didn't post the other day because I was afraid I would jinx my girl. I am thinking I should have listened to that little voice in my head.

Arabella has spent the last 4 nights at the E vet. We have feral cats in our neighborhood that have decided to use our backyard as a litterbox. They poop on a sandy area. Arabella thinks they are treats. She has consumed a lot of sand and her intestines are full of it.

I am afraid surgery would kill her, so they have been giving her laxatives, IV fluids and enemas try to get it to move. And ot is moving incredibly slow.

I am reconsidering risking surgery. It just doesn't seem fair for her to stay in that hospital. I worry it will stop moving. (There was one day where there was no movement. ) if it stops then I have to choose between surgery and putting down.
My heart is breaking. She is still a happy girl other than her tummy. She even thought about chasing a squirrel yesterday when I got to walk her.

I wish there was a way to know what to do. I just want to do right by her.

Sorry this so long. I am also sorry it isn't good news. This is one of the few places I feel safe pouring my heart out. Thank you for that.


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I am sorry. Sending lots of healing vibes your way. ——>>>.