I have the most spoiled or neurotic Boxer ever!

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Biff said:
We couldn't get Biff to drink much water until we swapped his plastic bowl for a stainless steel one!

He's too wee to reach the toilet yet :LOL:

same with Jessie... she licks the side of the bowl though and the side of the shower... today after i got out of the shower I saw her licking the condensation off the bathroom wall....


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Casey is a toilet drinker also. She will not drink out of her dish if another dog drank out of it first. When we go to her boxer friend for a play day she goes over to the dish looks in it and then goes over and puts her nose one the hose for me to give her fresh no slopper water. I hate it when she wants a hug after drinking out of the toilet, I push her away.
Nancy and Casey May


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Chance my male brindle, only drinks fresh water as well. He will not drink it if it isn't. he walks up to his bowl and runs his nose across it. I assume that tells him something about the waters freshness. And his food, if he doesn't eat his breakfast, he wants a new bowl of food for dinner. Can't eat food that sat out all day.

We can also argue over that, he will throw up (to me on purpose) when he is mad at me. I feel like he is saying "take that bit**"" when we are both being stubborn


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As was stated earlier dogs drink out of the toilet because the water is cooler due to the material (porcelain) that the toilet is made from. Mine drink out of a really big thick porcelain type bowl that I got out of a slow cooker it works perfect. It is 5 or 6 quarts, it naturally keeps the water cold, and in the summer I set it right next to the A/C vent and it keeps their water really really cold. That being said, I still empty and refresh it at least twice a day usually more! Cleaning is really easy I run it through the dishwasher with their food bowls and a couple of tablespoons of bleach.


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Both my boxers don't drink out of the toilet they drink from either the ceramic or steel bowl but they love to drink flowing water when you are pouring it in the bowl they both drink the water we are getting them a fountain bowl for Christmas.


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hanley said:
Do any of your babies have funny little quirks like Cletus, or am I the only one?
A better question would be to ask if there are any boxers WITHOUT little quirks!!! They are all a little strange in there own way. I know my two are. But that's the one of the best things about them; you never know what to expect! :)


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Lisa is also fussy about her water, if anything goes in it she will not drink it.
Also after our walk every morning I will put fresh water in her bowl straight away on our return but if for any reason I get caught up doing something else she will sit in front of the bowl until its changed.

What fussy dogs we have got !!


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I wish mine were a little more picky about their water. They alwas have a ceramic bowl full of cool water, changed frequently and some ice cubes put in it at random times during the day but they both would rather go outside and drink from a puddle or some other nasty place. We thought maybe they didn't like the cholrine in the tap water so they get Culligan water now but they still don't care for it. They really like the toilet too :rolleyes:

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Calla flips her bowl with her paw if it is empty. That is my cue to stop doing whatever it is I am doing, and get her some fresh water! If I don't move fast enough for her, she will do it again. BRAT!!!
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