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How to beter include 2.5 yo Boxer w/ new baby?

Discussion in 'Boxers & Children' started by tmschult, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. tmschult

    tmschult Boxer Booster

    Apr 5, 2011
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    I used to post here a lot... but I think life has just gotten in the way and it has been a while! This will be a long post so bare with me.

    We introduced the new baby according to what we read, etc. Our boxer has never been aggressive, is very loving and affectionate but has always been a "lap dog", has never known his size. He always wants to sit on your lap, etc. I've never taken this is as a "dominating" behavior, I've always felt he just wants to be close to people (I could be wrong, I guess). So when the baby came... and I would nurse the baby, he just constantly wanted to sit literally on top of us.. so I eventually just would not let him come to close while nursing.

    Our boxer has been in our bed since he was a puppy. But, I believe in co-sleeping and have our baby in bed with us for most of the night. Pets in the bed with co-sleeping are a safety no-no and we did have once incident. So our dog has gotten the boot from our bed.

    Since the new baby has come (she's 7 months old now). Our boxer has definitely been given a back seat. Not on purpose, but we have just been consumed and overwhelmed by becoming new parents. His excercise has been lacking.. the attentin we give him is much less.

    Here are some issues that have been happening: He has always shown love towards the baby but he just does not know boundaries. I will let him lick her but then he just licks TOO much and then I have to "yell" at him and I feel this makes him feel like he is doing something bad (which I want him to know loving the baby is a GOOD thing). He gets TOO close, he almost sat ON her the other day.

    And the behavior.... He has always been an escape artist, forget the traditional crate, he went through two of those. We then got a 4ft high "pen" that we keep him in .. which worked for 2 years! Never an issue. (We have tried so many times to "trust" him to have free range of the house while we're gone- he has destroyed more stuff than I can count.) Well, he has now found a way to knock this down and get out.. no matter what we do. He is really starting to test his boundaries... will take stuff (house decorations) that he KNOWS he is not allowed right in front of us. Gets in the trash, etc. etc.

    How can we be better dog owners with a new baby? Do you think he is just acting out from the lack of exercise/attention ? How can I teach him boundaries with the baby without making him feel like being around her is a "bad" thing?
  2. Jan

    Jan Reasonable Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 20, 2000
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    It sounds like he if definitely not getting enough exercise. The saying that a tired dog is a good dog is true. Could you maybe take him to doggie daycare a couple of days a week? Put the baby in a stroller or back pack and take them both for long walks.

    Make sure that he has a dog bed nearby. When he had done enough licking, just tell him that is enough and go to your bed.

    Good luck!

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